Rabbit Valley® Comics is not creating any Black Friday sales.  We’re not doing Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sex Toy Sunday, Cyber Monday, or Gratuitous Marketing Tuesday.

Rabbit Valley does sell products like books and art.  But more importantly, we sell stories.  We sell stories made by real people like Alflor, Wolf, Kandrel, Matthew Ebel, Varzen and A. Kita, and a zillion wonderful artists.  They’re designed to bring emotion and feelings and love.

What makes that story worth 10% off today for one day only?

Did the artist put 15% less work into the book today?  Did the author skip rewriting 15% of the book to make it better?  Did an editor decide a story was good enough, might be 10% less good than the rest of the stories, but good enough?

Of course not.

We sell stories.  Stories made by real people.  Stories with real time and effort and talent poured into them.  And for anyone, especially me, to say today that work is worth 10% less is profoundly stupid.

Why the hell are we spending money on stories at 10% off because of a holiday?  Why are we literally busting doors at Wally World, killing some people by trampling for a discount on a damned television?  Buy on Thanksgiving, buy on Labor Day, buy on Christmas, buy on Memorial Day.  Never mind the meaning of the holiday, being thankful for what we have, celebrating that we do not need to be forced to work a 60 hour week, that we respect religions, and that we look back on our fallen in war.

So, if you buy something from Rabbit Valley this weekend, buy it to read it, buy it to enjoy it, and then if you wish, pass the book to another person.  Share the story.  Know you helped pay the rent of the person who wrote it.  Respect the work, respect the artist, and thank you for supporting them.  We will keep bringing you the stories as we always have for over 20 years.

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