It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Back in New England and other points across the nation leaves are changing from greens to deep reds, bright yellows, burnt oranges, and browns. Nuts, garlic, tomatoes, and other foodstuffs are being harvested. People all over are getting ready to celebrate the spooky Halloween Season.

This Halloween Season we have a special treat for those who favor spooky stories! Our Trick or Treat – Halloween Anthology edited by Ianus J Wolf is currently en route from the printer and with a little luck will ship out next week!

Welcome to our neighborhood
Tonight is the night when ghouls and ghosts come out of the woodwork and when sweet candies are dropped into waiting bags. In short, it’s Halloween, and it wouldn’t be complete without both tricks and treats. On this All Hallows’ Eve, we offer up something for the adults to enjoy in this anthology of Samhain stories.

Trick or Treat - Halloween Anthology edited by Ianus J Wolf

Bunny and I just returned from a three day trip to California. This marks twenty-one trips this year so far (still have two more planned) that we have taken and over fifty rooms spent in hotels. Rabbit Valley has been represented at over thirty-three events so far this year and there are still another six on the schedule – can we add one more to make it an even forty? We’ll see!

Yesterday, after having finished all the client work in Modesto, visiting friends in Sunnyvale, and enjoying drinks at the bar with friendly strangers we headed to Anaheim and Buena Park to take in a bit of Knott’s Berry Farm. They really do go all out for their Halloween Haunt! They complete re-themed the Calico Mine Ride for Knott’s Scary Farm. We took in all the open thrill rides we could handle, had an excellent chicken dinner (one of the best in the land), and relaxed.

Today I picked, packed, and shipped all the order that built up while we were away.

We’ve got some more surprises coming this month so stay tuned!

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