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The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations – Rhode Island for short – is the smallest state by land area in the United States, and the state with the longest official name.

Today our Chief Bunny and Crafty Fox headed down to Bonnie Springs to entertain the guests dressed as giant Nevada Rabbits. The theme of Bonnie Springs is old west, so Reno and Sparks fit right in. Photos by QBLion.

The train conductor got a huge kick out of the rabbits as did the entire staff.

…and also happens to be Easter.

Until very recently my grandfather – Pépère to us – was super active and still working forty hours a week. He has since retired and his health is declining… I can’t list all his accomplishments over his life, but I’m super proud to be a member of his family. One thing I will share is that round bout spring every year he makes his own maple syrup. Newport Life did an article about it a few years back.

Read the article here.

It will always, in my mind, be the best syrup.


Fox here. I recently deleted my old LiveJournal due to the changes in their terms of services (discussed at length on other sites and on my Twitter).

Now I’m looking for a new blogging platform…

I purchased Day One 2 as it works on all my devices and would import all my old LiveJournal posts into one place. That alone was worth the cost of admission. But what it lacks (currently) is a publish feature. They say it’s coming in a future update…yeah…

For now I’ll be leveraging the Rabbit Valley® Comics Blog for my own personal uses.

Until later…