I’ll put the tl;dr at the top of the page.  We’re cutting back on conventions and new titles.  We’re not shutting down.   But it’s been 22 years, and myself and Fox need a vacation.

This Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno on May 16-19 will be a big event for us.  We’re bringing everything (well, almost everything, I don’t think someone is going to buy a case of comic books, but those are available.)  It’s time to clean out the last of the old inventory and start consolidating down our books to the new stuff.  There will be All Sales Final and Everything Must Go signs along with some massive markdowns on inventory.  I hope you find something you like and help us wind down conventions for Rabbit Valley.

So what’s going on?

Basically, I’m retiring from furry conventions.  We’ll still sell stuff online, and we’ll still have some of our partners selling books at conventions, but it won’t be Fox and Rabbit behind the table.

I started Rabbit Valley back in 1997 from an apartment when I was in college.  It’s moved from Narragansett RI to Marlborough MA to Waltham MA to Grafton MA to Las Vegas NV where we are now.  It filled the bottom of a (very overloaded) UHaul 26-foot truck.  And over the years, we’ve whittled down the inventory into a garage that doubles as our warehouse.  It’s been toted to conventions, palletized and union delivered, driven onto the trade show floor with a car with definitely less than 1/8th tank of gas, absolutely Mr. Union steward sir, shipped, cartoned, temporarily stored in multiple states, and more.

And for 22 years, it’s pretty much been every vacation hour from my day job used for selling books.  And I think I need a break.

Are you going out of business?

No.  We’ve still got some great stories to share.  Associated Student Bodies softcover is ready, The Internship volume two is coming soon as well as a new cover for #1, and things like Shine are selling like hotcakes.  Both Caricatures and Dragon’s Hoard Presents NomNoms have just released their third installments. We’ll continue to publish and sell online as well as through Amazon.com for those folks who like their Prime shipping.

Is the company for sale?

Honey, everything’s always for sale.  But there’s not a lot of folks out there that can take over an established business with 22 years history.  If you’re serious, before you even ask us about that, be prepared with audited financial statements to prove that you can actually purchase the company, the name and contact information of your attorney, and be prepared to sign an NDA approved by your attorney to discuss conditions.

Is old inventory for sale?

Absolutely.  If you want a go at selling some excellent stories, we have a good number of cases of inventory.  Contact us for case lot units and prices – a case typically contains 200 copies of a title, and in the example of Spooo Presents, you’ve got 26 issues…

So what’s next?

RabbitValley.com will have a significantly cut down inventory soon.  We’re going to stop carrying a lot of the third party titles not printed by us.  We’ve got a few more conventions committed already, so there will be stock there, but your best bet will always be our website for sales.

Thanks for all your support over the many years, and here’s hoping I can actually see some friends at conventions and wear a fursuit when people are actually around.  Thank you again.

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