Happy Sunday,

Sunday is the only day of the week that both The Chief Bunny and I, The Crafty Fox, do not have any day job responsibilities. While we do pick, pack, and get the orders ready to ship, we try to enjoy a day off. So if we don’t answer the phone, respond to email, or reply to twitter/Google-/SMS/iMessage/etc… it’s because we’re enjoying a day off. We’ll get back to you on Monday or Tuesday. No need to tweet us to see if your email was received then send a text message to ensure we received your tweet. We’ll get back to you Monday or Tuesday. We do like to reply to messages right away, but every so often we do need at least one day off. And thus ends the rant.

Note on Gift Cards: If you are using a prepaid gift card for purchase, please follow this link to read about how to make the gift card transaction as smooth as possible. Thank You.

Last night we had an opportunity to visit Tyce, Wox, James, and Virginia out at James’ place in Henderson. Good time, wine, beer, and nibblely bits were enjoyed by all while overlooking Henderson and Las Vegas. Apparently the house is almost at the same hight level of the Stratosphere Hotel. The views are amazing!

What’s more amazing is how much we have in common with our friends. Hopefully we’ll be able to leverage each other’s skills in the future for mutual profit and fun!

The past work week was just that – work. All our clients are getting ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday so we’re looking to complete a whole slew of projects before Wednesday afternoon. The week before was spent at the show in Arizona.

And for all those looking for something on the topic of Rabbit Valley Comics:

Books Published By Rabbit Valley® Comics:

Additionally, we have a host of awesome furry products by these fine creative suppliers:

We have lots of good reads by some of the most talented authors in the fandom including:

Alflor Aalto
Andre Blaireau
Andres Cyanni Halden
Ben Goodridge
Bernard Doove and Chakat Stories
Graveyard Greg
J Michael Gallen
Jim Galford
Kevin Frane
Kyell Gold
Ursula Vernon
Watts Martin

Happy Shopping!


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