Serious topic time. Earlier this month we received a mail order for an adult comic without a signed age statement. Rabbit Valley® Comics does not sell adult materials to minors. If you place an order for an adult item you need to confirm your age through the check-out process, or include a signed age statement with your mail order. We do not make the rules, we simply follow them.

We’ve paid our legal team a lot of money to help us keep our site legal within the scope of US business laws.The mosaic effect on adult art and our required signed age statement for purchases are just two examples of how we need to conduct business to adhere state and local regulations.

Simply sending cash along with a college ruled piece of loose leaf paper with an address asking for a copy of Red Lantern does not constitute a purchase order, even if the purchaser is over the legal age. Without a signed age statement digital or paper we simply can not send out adult materials. Your money will be returned (in the case of cash or money orders, a company check will be issued) along with a request for a signed age statement.

We sell thousands of all ages comics including:

These are just some examples of the all ages comics well sell at Rabbit Valley. There are hundreds to thousands more available by visiting our general readers department. Truth be told we have more inventory of all ages products than adult products.

We do understand that given the internet and lax parental oversight that many of our younger readers know more about the birds and the bees than the law allows, but that does not mean we’re allowed to break the law and put ourselves at risk by selling adult materials to minors.

We have products for everyone. If you’re a minor, or on the cusp of becoming legal – make a Wish List and put items into it to remind yourself what you were interested in when you were younger. Creating an account and wish list is free at Rabbit Valley Comics.

Anyway, that’s all I’m going to say on that. In my next installment I’ll be talking about pre-paid credit cards and their use on our site.

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