We’ve got plenty of books at FCN in the dealer’s room. Come Visit!

We’ve sold out of Heathen City Issue one at the convention as well as a few other titles as mentioned on our twitter account, @RVComics.

We’ve still got plenty of Kyell Gold novels and other Sofawolf titles including Isolation Play, Volle, Pendant of Fortune, Shadow of the Father, and Weasel Presents.

We’ve still got the Hallowed Walls series by Andres Cyanni Halden as well Hitting the Showers by FurPlanet.

Of course we have penalty of Circles, Associated Student Bodies, Spooo Presents and all the good stuff we publish line Dragon’s Hoard and Webz Magazine.

Everything we’ve sold out of here at the con is still available on-line at the Rabbit Valley Comic Shop!

All orders placed over the weekend will ship out on Monday and Tuesday! The packing fox has committed to getting all the orders out by Tuesday afternoon.

That’s it for now!

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