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Going to make it short and sweet today – lots going on before Further Confusion and we have company in town this weekend, CES next weekend, and then Further Confusion.

New Items:

Circles The Years Keep Rolling By – Andrew French, Scott Fabianek, Steve Domanski – $16.95



This is the final volume in the Circles story. It’s the novelization of the last five issues complete with illustrations, artwork from the unfinished Issue Nine, and an Introduction by Andrew French, explaining the situation.

Preorder Only – Orders containing this item will be held and will ship on or around January 8, 2015.


Theta by Sasya Fox – $14.50


In a future starscape where the children of man have succumbed to humanity’s long-forgotten vices, THETA is a story of a dark, twisting dance of intrigue, love and loss among the stars.

Stuck in a dramatic struggle between death and life, a young dancer must choose between his enigmatic past and an uncertain future. Unable to let go of what he was, unable to face what he is, beset on all sides by forces he doesn’t understand, he’s on a collision course with destiny…and his time is running out.

For Jale Bercammon, however, life is comfortable, stable, and slipping on by. Every day is routine, and she’s become an expert at maintaining routine. And then she meets Theta. Reeled in by the enigmatic and sinister Knoskali to explain his disappearance, she’s set on a path that will take all of her resolve and ingenuity to survive.

Preorder Only – Orders containing this item will ship on or around January 7th, 2015.

Dragons Hoard Presents He Knew by Muskie  – Digital PDF Edition – $10.00

A young dragon learns that reading the fine print is a rule you should always observe…a rule that is best learned the hard way. After blindly drinking an unusual beverage, then young dragon will come to learn the power of a dragon’s musk…

And he’d also find a new way to spend time with his old man.

Warning: Contains Graphic M/M Sex between dragons who happen to be related.

FAPP Role Playing Game – Digital Edition – $15.00

Greetings and welcome, to a world where erotic fantasies come true; or at least a very specific subset of them, anyhow. First crowdfunded by fans on Offbeatr, this erotic furry tabletop RPG allows a group of friends to explore the fantastic land of Jizzral, either in person, or over the web, with rules for erotic encounters, character and monster creation and advancement, and even a framework for netplay using MapTool! At 194 pages, this behemoth has been bloated with many stretch goals, featuring 115 full-color illustrations for your perusal.

FAPP is an erotic tabletop role playing game system (similar to Dungeons and Dragons). The Core Rulebook (this item) is the first book in the series, which includes 194 pages of content, and 115 full-color images.

Gryphon’s Goal by Graveyard Greg – $9.99

Larry has two problems. The first is that he’s gay – and very much in the closet. The second is an unfortunate bully problem.

When a football player comes to help Larry with the latter, could he also be the solution to the former?

THE GRYPHON’S GOAL, Graveyard Greg’s fourth novella, features a gryphon set in a modern day mythological age where creatures, gods, and everything in between live alongside humanity.

Other Recently Added Titles:

Top Shipped Items This Week: (Includes Circles PreOrders)

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Circles The Years Keep Rolling By – Andrew French, Scott Fabianek, Steve Domanski$16.95
2Crinkle Shorts Volume 1 by Little Foxy$20.00
3Circles Issue #2$5.00
4SPM Issue #1$20.00
5Circles Issue #3$5.00
6Trap Me! by Chris and Cooper Elkin$20.00
7Dragons Hoard Presents He Knew by Muskie – Digital PDF Edition$10.00
8Crinkle Shorts Volume 2 by Little Foxy$20.00
9Circles Issue #1$7.50
10Genus Issue #95$9.95

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