Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics;

We’ve caught up on the orders placed while we were away at the USCAP Show in San Diego. We’re also in the process of getting ready for both Toy Fest West and Furry Weekend Atlanta. We’ll be closed for shipping the following dates for the below events during the month of March.

Top Shipped Items This Week:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Weady Set Go! Issue 2 by Furnut$5.00
2Stories From Elton High by Alflor Aalto$20.00
3Genus Male Issue #13$4.99
4Peaches and Cream Super Delicious: by Miu$24.95
5Fast Boyz Delivery Service – Digital Edition PDF$5.00
6Genus Issue #90$4.99
7Genus Issue #91$4.99
8Genus Issue #41$4.99
9The Haunted House by Inoby$25.00
10Circles Rainbow 2003 T-shirt$30.00

Newest Shipping Items:
Knot Shy by Sunitai Reij – $25.00

The Haunted House by Inoby – $25.00

Weady Set…Go! by Furnut – $5.00

Webz Magazine Issue 3 by Kaput – $7.50


Have an awesome weekend!

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