Happy Sunday Fans and Friends of Rabbit Valley® Comics!

We’ve successfully shipped out the first batch of the new Circles book and will ship out the rest of the preorders this week when the inventory arrives from the printer. We expect to have all the preorders placed before Monday, January 5th out the door this week, any order placed after Monday will more than likely ship before we leave for Further Confusion. Orders placed while we are away at FC will not ship until we return from the convention.

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Circles The Years Keep Rolling By by Andrew French, Scott Fabianek, Steve Domanski

New Items:

Top Shipped Items This Week:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Circles The Years Keep Rolling By – Andrew French, Scott Fabianek, Steve Domanski$16.95
2Dragons Hoard Presents He Knew by Muskie – Digital PDF Edition$10.00
3Circles Volume One Paperback: It Seems Like I’ve Been Here Before (2001)$16.95
4Circles Issue #7$6.00
5Circles Issue #6$6.00
6Circles Issue #5$5.00
7Circles Issue #8$5.00
8Crinkle Shorts Volume 2 by Little Foxy$20.00
9Dragons Hoard Presents He Knew – By Muskie$18.00
10Crinkle Shorts Volume 1 by Little Foxy$20.00

Upcoming Conventions and Events:

  • Consumer Electronics Show
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    January 6-9, 2015
    Rabbit Valley Comics
  • Further Confusion
    San Jose, California
    January 15-19, 2015
    K-9 & Rabbit Valley Comics
  • Furry Fiesta
    Dallas, Texas
    February 20-22, 2015
    Radio Comix for Rabbit Valley Comics
  • Fur Squared
    Brookfield, WI
    February 27 – March 1, 2015
    Rabbit Valley Comics (Kurst Hyperyote)
  • Motor City Fur Con
    Novi, Michigan
    March 27-29, 2015
    Rabbit Valley Comics

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