Brief History of Rabbit Valley® Comics

Back in the late 90s Sean Rabbitt was in college and started Another Rabco Disaster™ as a means to distribute Associated Student Bodies. By 1998 he had added titles form Arclight Press, Antarctic Press, Vision Comics, Jarlidium Press, SofaWolf Press, and many more. By the end of 2001 Sean acquired MBB, BronzeBear, and Furlando Comics, incorporating everything furry under Rabbit Valley (there is a much longer story behind the name, but that’s only told over drinks at a convention bar).

Over the years the Rabbit Valley Comics catalog grew and new publishers came into the fandom. From independent authors to the largest furry publishing houses, Rabbit Valley has a vast catalog of other good stuff™.

In 2013 Rabbit Valley became the first of the furry publisher / distributors to offer its titles digitally. This is one of the many firsts from Rabbit Valley. We were the first to accept major credit cards in a furry convention dealers room – even before cell phones were a handheld item.

The oldest company brought into the HARVI family of companies was started in 1987 as a mail order furry book distributor. We still maintain that tradition of a print catalog and still receive several mail orders per week.

We’re proud to continue to serve the furry fandom going back to 1987 That’s the before time mentioned in the title, Ed did an amazing job of laying the groundwork of what ultimately became Rabbit Valley Comics. Sean and his spouse Andrew spend a few hours each day picking and packing orders and laying out new titles. It’s a labor of love. We hope to carry on the tradition of publishing and distributing furry works for the next 30+ years.

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