Because my brother is in town, keeping the report light this week. More to come tomorrow and Monday!

Top Shipped Items:

1Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine$29.95
2Dragon’s Hoard Issue 2$25.00
3Green Fairy$19.95
4Fast Boyz Delivery Service Issue 1$7.50
5Dragon’s Hoard Issue 1$12.99
6Creampie 01$15.00
7Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #1$8.99
8Spooo Presents Issue #9 – Mark Wulfgar Presents The Legacy of Celune’s Werewolves and Souls of the Past Episode 2$5.00
9Spooo Presents Issue #22 – LIfe in the Co-Op Episode 4$6.00
10The Royal Tail Issue #1$7.50

We’ve gotten caught up on all the orders save for two waiting on ink for the printer. Remember Rabbit Valley® Comics, your source for all things furry. In addition to our own books, we have a selection of books from these fine suppliers:

Happy Shopping!

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