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We’ve had a busy week between getting ready for conventions, doing day job duties, and getting orders shipped within 24 hours of being placed. We’ve got a bunch of things to tell you about this week including the pre-order of Graveyard Greg’s upcoming novella, Lifeless. Our travel schedule has changed slightly as we’re going to be in the greater San Francisco Bay Area shortly after Unthrocon and PhotoShop World to train a nut packing company on the detection of aflatoxins in walnuts. Finally the top ten shipped items for the week and items with new comments, see what readers are saying about furry books!

Lifeless by Graveyard Greg – Digital Edition (Preorders Open, delivery date September 26, 2013)

In DEATHLESS, Ivan was running for his life.

In LIFELESS, Ivan is running out of time!

When a friend of Ivan’s is kidnapped, the snow leopard is forced to go on a quest to find a legendary artifact. But nothing is as it seems! Can Ivan and his allies find out the truth before it’s too late?

Graveyard Greg is the writer of several webcomics and novellas. He currently lurks in the Biggest Little City [Reno, Nevada – not to be confused with the Biggest Little State in the Union, Rhode Island], and is grateful that it’s nothing like the city where Ivan lives.

This product is a digital download. Please log into or create your Rabbit Valley Comics Account before purchasing this item. After purchasing this item, we will confirm your payment within 24 to 48 hours unless otherwise stated on the home page due to travel. Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with download instructions. Print version will be available at FurPlanet initially and on our site when available on or around September 26, 2013.

Travel Schedule:
If you’re at FA United this weekend or up at Lucifur’s Meet and Greet check out our books at M&T Comics and the coffee and reading at Weasel Shotz. If you’re one of the globe trotting critters, or one of our fan in Germany, Buchladen Männerschwarm GmbH will have our books at Eurofurance, say hi to Volker for us. The Bunny and Fox (me) will be at Unthrocon in person. Not sure if we’re taking the limo, that has yet to be determined. After Unthrocon we’re playing host and travel guide to Kurst and Alex F Vance during PhotoShop World, I also hear that Cinnamon d’Wolf (the Wolf) and his wife may be joining the party. As I said above, once our friends depart we’ll be heading to California to do some day job projects.

  • FA: United 6
    Whippany, NJ
    August 16 – 18, 2013
    M & T Comics
  • Lucifur’s Meet and Greet
    Calgary, AB – Canada
    Aug 17th in Calgary
    Weasel Shotz (Roland Ferret)
  • Eurofurence
    Maritim Hotel Magdeburg, Germany
    August 21 – 25, 2013
    Buchladen Männerschwarm GmbH & Volker for Rabbit Valley Comics
  • Unthrocon
    Salt Lake City, UT
    August 30 – September 1, 2013
    Rabbit Valley Comics
  • PhotoShop World
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    September 4-6, 2013
    Andrew, Sean, Kurst, Alex “F” Vance, Others

Top Ten Shipped Items This Week:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #2$8.99
2Dragons Hoard Volume 3$29.95
3Dragon’s Hoard Volume 1$12.99
4Dragons Hoard Presents DWAGS (Dragons Who Appreciate Gryphon Sex)$18.00
5Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #1$8.99
6Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms Issue 2$18.00
72 The Ranting Gryphon DVD07 – Three Cheese Baby$20.00
82 The Ranting Gryphon – DVD08 – 11 Laws$20.00
92 The Ranting Gryphon – DVD09 – Just Who I Am – DVD Edition$20.00
10Grisser and Company – Plays Well With Otters$20.00+

New Item Comments:
The following items have received fresh comments this week:

Have something to say about a furry book? Write a review and we’ll post a link to it in our weekly blog for all our followers to see!

Well, that’s about it for this week!

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