Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics;

We’ve got a lot of stuff going on so I’m going to be as brief as I can with each this week. CES was loads of fun and it’s been awesome seeing our developer Kurst and our mutual friend TheWerewolf while there are in town for the show. We are sad that so many of our friends were trapped by weather this year, but we know we will see them soon enough. Sorry Kevin, we’ll see you when you are in town next time for sure.

Top Shipped Items:

1Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4 – Ryoken Cover$25.00
2Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4 – Spelunker Sal Cover$25.00
3Starlite Gardens: A Candi Comic by Megan Giles$4.00
4Buy It By The Box (Donate to Rabbit Valley$12.50
5Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #2$8.99
6Dragon’s Hoard Volume 2$25.00
7Peaches and Cream Super Delicious: A Decade Of Heart Butts by Miu$24.95
8Spies in Their Midst by Alflor Aalto$20.00
9Squeak! Issue 5$4.00
10Xfrmations Unlimited Issue #6$4.00

New Items:

Now Shipping:
Dragon’s Hoard 4

Spelunker Sal CoverRyoken Cover

This fourth installment of Dragon’s Hoard, Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4 brings another full color issue to our dedicated and new fans alike. This issue is proud to feature more artists and is chock full of the feral dragon erotica our fans love!

Table of Contents:

  • Front Cover by Spelunker Sal or Ryoken
  • Heavy Snow by Narse and Dreamous (m/m)
  • Old Friends by WanderlustDragon (f/f)
  • Pinup by Balasar (f solo)
  • Mischief Maker by NecroDrone and Dreamose (m/m/m/f)
  • Never Seen THAT Before! by Ryoken (m/m)
  • When It Rains by WindDragon (m/m – centerfold)
  • Birth of Dragons Part Three by WindDragon (m/f)
  • Storn of the Century: Meeting of the Four Winds by Vaisz (m/m/m/m)
  • Pinup by Balasar (f solo)
  • Gold Lust by Heather Bruton (m/m)
  • A Note From Spire
  • At Your Service Spelunker Sal (m solo) or Dragon Rump by Royken (m solo)

Spies in Their Midst by Alflor Aalto

Spies in Their Midst by Alflor Aalto

Orrin had heard of letters that changed lives, and he paid the curiosity little mind until such a one found him. It was a brief letter – Your father has passed under mysterious circumstances. Our deepest condolences. You are expected to take on his duties as Lord of Vintaa immediately. Please take today to make what- ever preparations necessary, and set out for the Capital City at first light. We will be expecting you…

But the duties he will take on as Lord of Vintaa are not the only ones awaiting the raccoon in the Capital City of Llyra. Get it here.

Catnip – Feline’s Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and Tabby

Catnip - Feline's Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and Tabby

Fully colored 48 pages of sexy felines ready for any frisky game you´re lloking for. Adult content male and female kittys by Inuky, Hyseed aka Macha/Mochi, Ozu and Tabby. High quality printed in magazine size.

Shir Nicewhisperer by Seth C Triggs

Shir-Nicewhisperer is a 280-page graphic novel series set in Bernard Doove’s Chakat Universe, on Chakona. A young human named Riley is down on his luck until a chance meeting of a Chakat in a restaurant. With hir, Riley begins a journey where he learns more about love…and himself.

Additional News:

Help Stan Sakai:

Our friend Stan is in need of some help. Between the medical bills for the car of his wife and the loss of his grandson we can’t imagine the emotional state of our friend. We’d like to help a bit with his medical expenses.

Over the years Stan has stood by our fandom. We will donate all profits from the sale of his in stock books at Rabbit Valley Comics directly to him. We have a large selection of his early Usagi Youjimbo comics available for immediate shipping.

Other Ways To Help:


That’s it for this week.

Nest week we will be out in San Jose for a day job related conference. We will be at the FC Adult Dragon Panel Friday for the Dragon’s Against Bullying charity raffle and visiting friends throughout the FC event. Not sure if we will only get a day pass for Friday or a whole convention pass for the weekend. We will be busy with our work related event most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday event hours, but free for lunch here and there. We already have some plans made with suppliers but if you want to meet for a drink and nosh, let us know by email.

Have an awesome week!


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