Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics;

Earlier this week we announced the availability of some new titles to the store.

PULP! Two-Pawed Tales of Adventure edited by Ianus J. Wolf – $20.00

Adventure Cadets, grab your decoder rings and get ready for:

  • Super Science!
  • Gunslingers!
  • Uncanny Civilizations!
  • Mystery and Danger!

Featuring the stories of:

  • Tym Greene
  • Ocean Tigrox
  • Bill “Hafoc” Rogers
  • T.S. McNally
  • Renee Carter Hall
  • Tarl “Voice” Hoch
  • Roland Jovaik
  • Huskyteer

Cover by Quel
Available for preorder only. Orders containing this title will ship the last week of September.

Tales From The Guild, Music to Your Ears edited by AnthroAquatic – $15.00

There are few things in this world that can invoke the range of emotions that music can. It can bring its listeners close together; it can drive its listeners apart. It is a core mechanic in what makes us human, but what about in those that aren’t quite human? Tales from the Guild, Music to Your Ears features a collection of stories from veteran and newcomer authors alike that spans several universes, but show that no intelligent creature is immune to the power of music.

Featuring stories by Furry Writers’ Guild

The Lives of Dexter Peterson by Matthew Eble 

My name is Dexter Jared Peterson.

I am 26 years old and I live in New York City.

In the last seven years, I have lived as 11,577 different people.

This is how Dexter begins every entry he writes in his journal. Whether he wakes up as a World War II soldier or a cinema-worshiping priest in a post-apocalyptic religious order, all Dexter can do is try to stay alive as his world changes.

And then there’s the mysterious girl that seems to follow him from life to life. How could she possibly be the same girl in Dexter’s past, present, and future?

It’s a classic story of
boy meets girl,
boy meets girl again as someone else,
boy keeps meeting girl and can’t seem to stop,
boy must decide if girl is just another anomaly or is worth giving his life to save her from certain death.

This novella accompanies the piano rock album available at www.matthewebel.com.

Dragon’s Hoard Presents NomNoms 2 – Digital PDF Edition – $10.00

Again, Dragon’s Hoard has taken to indulging some of its more insatiable fans. Dragon’s Hoard Presents: NomNoms Issue 2 is a collection of luscious, squelchy, salva-inducing soft vore comics featuring feral dragons and the tasty treats they enjoy most. The comic features sexual and voracious feral dragons couplings of m/m and m/f relations.

  • Delectable Draghunds – DarkNatasha, Sidian (M/M/F)
  • New Recruits – SkullDog (M/M/M)
  • I am Listening to Our Quiet Breath – SalirethS, Eendris (M/M/M)
  • Centerfold – Jace (M/M)
  • Territorial Hunger – NecroDrone (M/M)
  • Thanks from Spire
  • Dragon’s Hoard Presents RuntAdvertisement

Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #2 – Digital PDF Edition – $5.00

Story by Dreamous – Artwork b NecroDrone

This is the second collected issue of the tales of Teer, runt of the Avaria kin in the Alistria Valley…

Many readers might know of runts as the small, unhealthy child of a litter. This isn’t true with the dragons. Runts of dragons are smaller, indeed – but a dragon lives eighty, maybe one hundred land-thaws, runts live five hundred or six hundred.

Runts occur once every nine or ten generations and are revered. They are treated with the utmost respect, honored by the kin, as they convey knowledge of the old as well as help raise the young.

We join Teer in his four-hundredth land-thaw and learn of his duties and his pleasures.

This comic contains sexual relations between male and female as well as male and male feral dragons. It focuses on the sizeplay relationships and includes adult situations between the characters involved.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #23 MLP: FIM #23 Cover A – $3.99
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #23 MLP: FIM #23 Cover B – $3.99

A special one-shot issue featuring the ponies’ pets! When some new trouble comes into Ponyville, all of our normal heroes are incapacitated. Luckily help is on the way in the form of Angel, Owlicious, Gummy, Tank, Winona and Opal! Will they be able to use teamwork to save the day?

Uncovered (Dev & Lee book 4) by Kyell Gold (Digital Edition) – $9.95

The playoffs are here, and Dev Miski’s life has never been busier. If the Chevali Firebirds want to win their first championship, he’ll need to play the best football of his life. But, as the only gay professional football player, he’s beset by distracting demands for commercials and interviews.

The number one distraction, though, is his boyfriend Lee. After the fox’s mother joins a religious anti-gay group, Lee turns back to the gay activism of his college days. He pushes Dev to use his celebrity to reach out to gay youth, but only succeeds in starting bigger arguments. When their relationship faces its most difficult test, will their love for each other triumph?

This is the fourth volume of Dev and Lee’s story which began in Out of Position and continued in Isolation Playand Divisions. The playoffs will bring the football season to an end one way or another. What will it mean for their future together?

Cover and interior illustrations are by Blotch.

Partners by Invisible Wolf

Skyfire – The Summer King Chronicles #2 by Jess Owen – Softcover

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #22 MLP: FIM #22 Cover A

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #22 MLP: FIM #22 Cover B

North American Fur Issue #30

Top Shipped Items For This Month To Date:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Dragons Hoard Presents He Knew – By Muskie$18.00
2Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm$20.00
3Dragons Hoard Volume 3$29.95
4Buy It By The Box – Help Clear The Warehouse$12.50
5Uncovered by Kyell Gold$19.95
6Dragon’s Hoard Volume 1$12.99
7Dragon’s Hoard Volume 2$25.00
8Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms Issue 2$18.00
9Dragons Hoard Issue 2 – Digital PDF Version$12.50
10Dragons Hoard Volume 3 – Digital PDF Edition$15.00

Looks like Dragons are on top for September.

We’ve got a bunch of conventions coming up this fall and winter. Our travel dates for the rest of the year are as follows. Shipping will be closed during the days we are out of town.

  • Knott’s Berry Farm
    Buena Park, CA
    September 21-22, 2014
    Sean & Andrew Rabbitt
  • Rainfurrest
    Seattle, WA
    September 25-28, 2014
    Werepuppy – Selection of his own titles in the artist alley
  • Fur Reality
    Cincinnati, OH
    October 10-12, 2014
    M&T Comics
  • Unthrocon
    Salt Lake City, UT
    October 31 – November 2, 2014
    Rabbit Valley Comics
  • Furpocalypse
    Cromwell, CT
    October 31 – November 2, 2014
    WhiteWolf Creations
  • Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend
    San Jose, California
    November 14-16, 2014
    Rabbit Valley Comics
  • Midwest Fur Fest
    Rosemont, IL
    December 5-7, 2014
    Kurst Hypeyote & Andrew Rabbitt
  • F43 Convention
    Branson, MO, IL
    December TBA, 2014
    WhiteWolf Creations

We may be adding another convention and another trip or two to the list before the year is over.

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That’s it for this week!

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