We’ve had a busy year for sure! We’ve been to twenty-eight events this year (twenty-one directly, seven through our partners) and are currently on our way to our next event, RockyMountain Fur Con. After RMFC we’ve got five more direct events on the schedule so far and another eight through our partners. Busy year indeed!

Upcoming Direct Conventions:

Upcoming Partner Conventions:

July Top Shipped Items:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Dragons Hoard Presents He Knew – By Muskie$18.00
2Knot University two Tail Trouble by Sunitai Reij$25.00
3Stories From Lakeforest U by Alflor Aalto$20.00
4Uncovered by Kyell Gold$19.95
5Heat Issue #11$14.95
6The Golden Week Book 2 by Douglas “Kimmy” Kim$15.00
7Dragons Hoard Volume 3$30.00
8Dragons Hoard Presents DWAGS (Dragons Who Appreciate Gryphon Sex)$18.00
9Dragon’s Hoard Volume 2$25.00
10Buy It By The Box – Help Clear The Warehouse$12.50

Newest Items:

Rabbit Valley Titles:

Other Neat Stuff Available at Rabbit Valley Comics:

And that’s it until after RMFC!

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