It’s been a busy two weeks! The Bunny and I have returned from our trip to New England. The leaves are pretty, the family is well, and the food is as good as I remember.

But enough about us (details of our adventure here).

New Products:

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Issue #11


The Chronicals of Jayden Book 2: Monster and Saviour by K Wolf

Rage is the fuel that feeds the Fire, Ice is the compassion that calms it.
The invaders raided from the heavens for centuries. Now, they intend to call Jayden their home, and the Isle of Mitd is to be their first conquest. The Isle of Mitd, which rests on the southern hemisphere of the Planet Jayden, is where our Chronicles continue. The Crown City is infested with traitors, and there is only one cure for the infestation. Mitd needs a Savior. Instead, they must deal with the raging monster.
The Summoner Zenti Semineu ravages the Isle of Mitd, leaving in his ash-filled wake the corpses of invaders and traitors alike. Fear grips both the loyal and traitorous hearts of the citizens of the Kingdom.  Those who are loyal to the Crown seek the protection of Mari Semineu. Once rejecting Zenti as her mate, she now keeps him as an uneasy companion. Can she learn to master her newfound Gift to become what her race needs?
How can she be the rumored Savior when she cannot even control the Monster?
The panther listened to the nationwide broadcast in horror as the sickening sound of sizzling flesh crackled through the radio. The communications tent had grown silent as Hayden’s nephew begged for mercy while the Monster tortured him. Screams filled the night air, interrupted only by the occasional sound of an officer emptying their stomach. The cries of agony abruptly stopped and for a moment there was only the sound of rain. Then, the Monster spoke and brought the personal cost of war home to General Hayden.
“That is one family member dead with so many more to go in keeping my promise to you, cat. Don’t forget that because I surely will not. My only regret is that I don’t have the time to extend his suffering, but I have high hopes that the next opportunity will afford me more time.”
Sanura, Historical Chronicler of Jaden.

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