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Check out Graveyard Greg’s writing and comics – he’s our focus this week. In print or epub, Greg’s an awesome writer. Our feature of the day is below.

Carpe Mortis: You Only Live Once by Graveyard GregCan life be awesome during a zombie apocalypse? Maybe for the undead, because it’s hard on the living.

Carpe Mortis is a story that runs parallel to the events of the Carpe Diem Halloween Special, and features the cast of Profiles with a few guest star appearances by a certain barista jackal, his boyfriend, and his little brother.

Under mysterious circumstances, the dead have begun to rise from their graves. The only choice is to fight for what you can keep, for your family and your friends. If you can save them before the nightmare claims them that is.

A follow up to the Carpe Diem Halloween Special, Carpe Mortis follows the struggle for survival of the characters from Profiles and Welcome to Cappuccinos as they fight to for their lives as the dead rise and the world collapses around them.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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