This past weekend, while pulling inventory for Biggest Little Fur Con we found a whole bunch of furry comics that might interest new and seasoned members of the furry community. Most of these titles were popular when they were released, but have not been promoted in ages, some more than 10 years!

Frontiers – $9.95 

Adrian Kleinbergen’s epic tale of love, loss, betrayal, and flight takes Captain Marla Fireclaw far beyond the lands she knows. Lieutenant Longburrow, a membe of a race she despises, gradually earns her trust, her respect, and finally her love.

Then, he strands himself in a danger-strewn wasteland to save her life. His sacrifice will put them and their culture both on the road to redemption.

Finder – $2.95-$20.95

‘Ab origine’ is a pre-Roman term meaning ‘original inhabitants.’ It means, essentially, someone who’s been in a place since the earliest time. It generally refers to people who lived close to the earth, or whose ancestors did. People travel, people settle; people look at each other and embrace or else fight. People see kin; people see enemies. Push and shove over territory may not be as old as the hills, but it is as old as King Of The Mountain. Aboriginal science fiction deals with alien societies. FINDER’s aliens are all one family, but their coming to understand that isn’t going to come easily.

Fluffy – $19.95

A story of unanswerable questions, love, despair, adventure and happiness.

Best Of Furrlough #2 – $2.90

Furrlough’s Finest #1 – $5.99

Furrlough’s Finest #2 – $5.99

Furrlough Color Special – $6.99

Furrlough – Multiple Prices

Furry Ninja High School – $4.99

Strange things are happening in Quagmire once again! You see, there’s this rich bald guy who lost his hair when the meteor shower hit, and he’s looking for a spaceship and an alien, and somehow Jeremy Feeple is wearing tights and a cape while Ichi works at the school newspaper and Sammy is collecting clippings for her Wall of Wacky. Sound familiar?! The gang of Furry Ninja High School is back, based on Ninja High School created by Ben Dunn and published by Antarctic Press! This time Ruben Santos Jr. handles the art, with script by series scribe Mike Curtis. In addition there’s back up stories by Jer Alford, Benjamin Rodriguez and friends. Cover by Ron Murphy (Katmandu, FNHS: Twilight, Coco Gun Bunn).

Genus – Multiple Prices

Genus Male – Multiple Prices

Giant Shanda Animal – Multiple Prices

Girl and Panda – Email for pricing

Great Catsby – Multiple Prices

Gone Wild – $9.99

A stellar cast of furry creators re-present their top erotic stories. Included are Terrie Smith, Hilary Barta & Doug Rice, Tom Milliorn, Edd & Diana Vick, Steve Gallacci & Adrian Kleinbergen, Paul Kidd, Mike Raabe, Chuck Melville, Taral Wayne, David Bliss, Mark Fried, and Eric (Sabrina Online) Schwartz. Covers by Steve Martin

Gremlin Trouble – Multiple Prices

Gutsman – $14.99

Think Love and Rockets of the superhero world mixed with Quentin Tarantino and you’ll have Gutsman by Dutch creator Erik Kriek. Wordless, stylish, and sexy, this graphic novel playfully uses the imagery of mainstream comics to turn the spotlight on love affairs, despair, temptation and loss. A unique approach to comics. Brief nudity.

Guardian Knights – Multiple

Havoc Inc – Multiple

Mark Barnard and Terrie Smith! After coming out the chaos of the Galactic War, life was tranquil for Chris deck –for all of 15 minutes! Then Chester came along, all smiles and ambition and Deck knew his life would never be the same!

Highway 13 – Multiple

They’ve got Massachusetts plates on the car, and they’re out for haunting folks! Watch the Speed Freak Spooks of Silver Valley (or, the Haunted Hot Rod.) Really nifty werewolf in here too.

Hit the Beach – Multiple

An anthropomorphic swimsuit annual featuring plenty of fun in the sun! Jam-packed with art from all your favorite Radio artists from the US and Japan, like Terrie Smith, Trump, Joe Rosales, Phil Morrissey, Diana X. Sprinkle, Daphne Lage and many many more.

That’s about it for today!

More to come…

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