Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley!

This has been a rather busy week for the fox and bunny with personal and medical stuff. If you could kindly place an order that would certainly help the fox recover from his recent medical procedure. Picking and packing orders brings good health to our picking and packing fox.

Orders placed this past Thursday and Friday will be packed up today and tomorrow so they can ship bright and early Monday Morning.

Top Shipped Items:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1The Streets of His City and Other Stories$20.00
2Winter Games by Kyell gold$9.95
3Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms$18.00
4Fast Boyz Delivery Service Issue 1$7.50
5Dragon’s Hoard Issue 2$25.00
6Montero and Zedd$9.95
7Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #1$8.99
8The Royal Tail Issue #1$7.50
9The Prince of Knaves$20.00
10Since Then by Kumada$9.95

Ongoing Promotions:
Price Matching: Remember that Rabbit Valley® Comics will meet any other booksellers sales price (within reason). Simple place your order with us and email us your order number and the sale price of the item in question and we will let you know by return email if we can honor that price.

Circles Comics Discount: Order three or more issues of Circles and you will automatically receive 10% off those items.

Spooo Presents Discount: Order nine or more issues of Spooo Presents numbers 1-17 and you will automatically receive 10% off those items.

FurFright: For all our friends at FurFright, be sure to visit WhiteWold and pick up a comic or two – heck commission some art or a FurSuit for her too, she loves that stuff. Also our friends at Dragon’s Hoard have books at various artist tables and you can meet the creative mind behind Concealment at his table, just look for Ookami Kemono.

Santa Clara / San Jose: Our next big event is a trip to Santa Clara / San Jose to work with a new customer on our laboratory science products. We’re hoping to tie this into either Frolic or visiting some friends in the area.

Midwest FurFest: The coyote of Rabbit Valley will have several tables of amusing comics at Midwest FurFest this November. If you’re panning on attending the convention go say hi to him, he’s not shy at all…

Calling All Authors:
Rabbit Valley is looking for a few good stories… Next year we’re publishing several anthologies and need authors to submit stories for review. Check out our Submissions Page for details. We have several themes in the works and more to come.

Call for Submissions: Anthology Projects:

And for all of you not at FurFright, we have a huge selection of titles from 2 the Ranting GryphonAnthropomorphic DreamsBad Dog BooksBucktown TigerDreamfield ComicsClub Strips and CocktailsFurplanetJarlidium PressRadio ComixRingtail CafeSofawolf PressTales of the Tai Pan Universe, and YARF! so that you can get that convention dealer’s room experience.

Well, that’s all for this week!

Best wishes,

Rabbit Valley Comics

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