Rabbit Valley® Comics’s site was originally launched back in 1998, it was very different back then – even had a different name. Here’s a snapshot from 1999 – the second iteration of the site.Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.22.53 PM  Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.26.13 PM

We’ve come a long way since then for sure! Even back in the 90’s, before Confinity became PayPal Rabbit Valley was accepting credit card payments on-line. But that’s not what I’m writing about today. The current incarnation of the site came about in 2001. Sure we’ve kept up to date with all the security, upgraded hardware and software to keep with the times, moved the servers cross country, and changed the look and feel every few years. All that said we have a mountain of history to look back on and review. Today’s thought is the top selling items of all time!

Here you have the top shipped 30 items from the last 15 years of company history. That’s a lot of packages – that’s a lot of furry books!

1Associated Student Bodies Yearbook Hardcover Collection
2Circles Issue #5
3Circles Issue #6
4Circles Volume 1: It Seems Like I’ve Been Here Before – Collects Issues 1, 2, 3, and 4 by Andrew French, Scott Fabianek, Steve Domanski
5Genus Male Issue #3
6Spooo Presents Issue #1 – Coyote River Episode 1
7Circles Issue #4
8Circles Issue #7
9Circles Issue #8
10Spooo Presents Issue #4 – Coyote River Episode 2
11Genus Male Issue #4
12Rocketship Rodents Issue #1
13Genus: Male Issue #2
14Circles Issue #3
15Circles Issue #2
16Rare Breed Issue #2
17Rare Breed Issue #1
18Spooo Presents Issue #5 – Mark Wulfgar’s The Legacy of Celune’s Werewolves and Souls of the Past Episode 1
19Spooo Presents Issue #3 – Big Bad Wolf Club and Service with a Smile
20Anubis Dark Desire Issue #2
21By the Pound Promotion – Adult Readers
22Spooo Presents Issue #10 – Coyote River Episode 3
23Spooo Presents Issue #2 – Rocketship Rodents and Professor Chronofur Episode 2
24Genus Male Issue #5
25Spooo Presents Issue #7 – The Adventures of Queerman
26Buddy Christ Dashboard Statue
27Spooo Presents Issue #6 – Rocketship Rodents and Professor Chronofur Episode 3
28Spooo Presents Issue #9 – Mark Wulfgar Presents The Legacy of Celune’s Werewolves and Souls of the Past Episode 2
29Dragon’s Hoard Volume 1
30The Ups and Downs #1

We couldn’t have done any of this without you – our customers. Thank you for the continued support. Let’s see if we can change this list by the end of the year!

It’s also interesting to see how the postal rates have increased over the last 15 years – but that’s a chart for another day.

New Items:

Upcoming Travel and Conventions:

  • Fur Squared
    Brookfield, WI
    February 26-28, 2015, 2015
    Kurst Hyperyote (Attending Only, Email Rabbit Valley a picture of his pursuit for a prize.)
    Las Vegas, NV
    February 28 – March 3, 2016
    Fox from Rabbit Valley Comics
  • NordicFuzzCon
    Nynäshamn / Stockholm, Schweden
    March 3-6 , 2016
    FUSSELSCHWARM / Charlotte for Rabbit Valley
  • PittCon
    Atlanta, GA
    March 5-11, 2016
    Sean and Andrew Rabbitt
  • Visual Studio Live
    Las Vegas, NV
    March 7-13, 2016
    Friends Visiting

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All In-Stock items will ship within 24-48 hours of being ordered. Digital items will ship within 24 hours being ordered – except when the order is placed on an observed holiday, these orders will ship on the next business day.

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