We’re happy to announce that we’re actively seeking submissions for Anthropomorphic Animal novels, novellas, and other writings (in addition to comics, magazines, and other published media). Ianus has joined our team of editors and creative wrangles and is heading up two new projects – Pulp! and Trick or Treat: Tricks and Treats.

More information can be found at the below website addresses:

Publications Services:
Pulp! Open Call for Submissions:
Trick or Treat: Tricks and Treats Open Call for Submissions

7 Responses to Rabbit Valley Comics Open Call For Submissions

  • Godel Fishbreath/Sean Cleary says:

    You mentioned at Califur a pred vs prey reversed story anthology. I got psyched. Now I can not find it on your website.
    I must have overlooked something. Where is it? Cause I want to build a story for it.

  • Godel Fishbreath says:

    Is this a work for hire? Does the rights revert back to the creator ever?

    • whitefox says:

      This would fall under a standard distribution agreement that would outline the rights. It’s not cut and dry work for hire like a piece of cover art or interior illustration.

  • Godel Fishbreath says:

    It does not seem that I will get to that pred vs prey challenge. I have publicized it on FB for you. And to a sofurry lady whose writing I am fond of.

    When do you generally post such challenges? Are they always one month long? Why do the challenges linger past their due dates? When is the next one?

    Work proceeds on WIP. All is slow but well.

    Do you know any review circles for pre-submittal reviewing? Reviewfuse does not respond.

  • whitefox says:

    Many thanks!

    Our calls for submissions usually go out between four and six months before the close date. Everything up on the site right now was posted last fall around September/October. We usually like to give authors between four and six months to work on a project.

    Have you checked out the writing groups on SoFurry?

    Have an awesome week.

  • Godel Fishbreath says:

    When is the next batch of calls for submissions due?
    I will check out the writing groups on SoFurry. Thanks.

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