Rabbit Valley® Comics New Items Report

We’re pleased to announce the following new items added to our store this week:

Graveyard Greg

J Michael Gallen

    • Saga Terra: Odysseus – For eons, two superpowers, the Holy Kingdom of Asgard and the Empire of Niflheim, have fought bitter wars that have nearly destroyed the world of Terra. Now the land of Britannia is to become their latest battleground, and it is said that in dark times, a Savior shall lead his Crusaders against the forces of darkness and bring peace to the world…
    • Saga Terra: Jordan the Wanderer – Continent in the world of Terra. However, an invasion by the Nifl Kingdom of The Massgraves will drive young Judge and his family from their homeland. Will they ever be able to escape the wrath of the Nidhoggr?
    • Saga Terra: Judge of the Heaven – Two wayfarers from the Holy Kingdom of Asgard leave the capital city of Zion in search of their country’s lost princess. What perils await them?
    • Saga Terra: The Lone Star Adventure – Supreme General Judge Victor Hartford Bucks of the Republic of Stellasolum will set sail across the world of Terra to liberate the Kuwayt Emirate from the clutches of the sinister Empire of Babylonia. What perils await him and his crew across Terra’s vast seas?


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