It’s been a long quarter of travel for the crew at Rabbit Valley® Comics, but we’re back in the Las Vegas and all caught up on in stock orders.

Speaking of orders, we know that some items are still on back order. We’re waiting for additional inventory from our suppliers and will fill back orders as soon as that inventory is available.

Speaking of suppliers, we have been informed by one of our suppliers that they had to raise prices due to increased printing costs. We have adjusted the prices on our site to match the new prices established by our suppliers.

We’re happy to announce the availability of the following items:

Featured Products:

The Art of Henrieke by Henrieke GoorhuisThe Art of Henrieke by Henrieke GoorhuisThe Art of Henrieke dives into the creative process and unseen work of cartoonist and illustrator Henrieke Goorhuis. From a young age, a combined love of art and animals lead her to contributing to conservation efforts, illustrating for zoos, working on children’s comics, and developing her own lively characters. Energetic and fun, Henrieke’s sketches are reminiscent of the golden age of comics and animation, yet with her own twist of humor and vision. With her grasp of gesture, expression and movement, her characters come to life on the page (and jump right onto the next!)

This installment of Artistic Visions includes 76 pages of nearly everything from aardwolves to zebras. With hundreds of sketches, concept work, the development of life studies into cartoons, and step-by-step examples of taking a rough idea to a finished piece, this collection has something for any art and animal lover!

Furry Bikini Portfolio Book by Daphne LageFurry Bikini Portfolio Book by Daphne LageDo you enjoy well-dressed furry femmes? Then this folio is for you! Daphne Lage’s beautiful babes come in more than just bikinis in this delightful 32 page black-and-white portfolio. Best of all, each copy is signed by Daphne Lage herself!

This product contains no adult content.

Instinct by RukisInstinct by RukisDescription: We all have an Instinct. It’s as natural as breathing. As powerful as our will. And sometimes, it leads to something beautiful.
60 Adult-Orientated anthropomorphic images in digital and traditional media by Rukis—author of Heretic, Red Lantern, Cruelty and Unconditional.


Kiss the Rain by SalkittenKiss the Rain by SalkittenDescription: Shou was prepared to spend another school year alone until the optimistic dog, Ken, made a sudden appearance in his life. Though unlikely friends, the two grew closer even as Shou guarded a painful secret from his new beloved.

An emotional story of love and friendship against all odds, Kiss the Rain is sure to tug heartstrings and paint a bittersweet, yet touching portrait of relationships facing real trials together.

Art and story by Salkitten
M/M Romance

Sexyfur - Orchid by Jeremy BernalSexyfur – Orchid by Jeremy BernalDescription:   24-page portfolio by Jeremy Bernal featuring Orchid the bunny.
Strip Brawlers by BrafordStrip Brawlers by BrafordDescription: When the bear, Sarge, interviews his old flame Justin—a possible new dancer for his strip club—they reconnect in more ways than one. But Justin is in for more than he bargained for, as Sarge sets him up with a whole new dance partner.

M/M comic, art and story by Braford

Table for Three by AceTable for Three by AceDescription: It’s Ben’s birthday, and Sandra has a very special surprise in store for him.

His name’s Avery.

M/F/M comic, art and story by Ace

Taboo - Anthology edited by RechanTaboo – Anthology edited by RechanSummary of Stories:

Every society has taboos, from sacred vows which must never be broken to the limitations of sexual expression.

These and more make up thirteen scandalous stories answering the question, “Which line would you cross?”
Taboo is an anthology for an adult audience only and includes the following stories:

Knot Shy by Sunitai ReijKnot Shy by Sunitai ReijKnot shy is a combination of the two comics Knot U and Shower Shy. Both Comics are made and illustrated by Sunitai Reij and feature Ziggy Husky as the main Character.

KNOT U is a story based in a world where A university’s main reason for existing is for the teaching of sexual education when it comes to understanding the primal and sometimes uncontrollable urges of the youth and to keep them from hurting themselves or others.

Shower Shy is a comic about exploring how much sexyness can inadvertanly happen in a locker room when you least expect it to, but it leads to one hell of a ride in the end.

Warning: Contains male on male adult entertainment.

The Haunted House by InobyThe Haunted House by InobyWith the help of Ardel and some heavy drinking a second book as emerged! In this volume we follow Bastien, a cocky french rabbit who had a recent death in the family. He soon finds out that his uncle has left him a large sum of money but could only be given to him if he spends three nights in his mansion. First not too happy with the situation, Bastien soon realises that this house is not what it seems… and that his uncle is a bigger perv than he is.

Warning – Contaings depictions of male on male sex, hot male on male sex… oh yes, very hot.

You can check out Inoby’s first comic, Lucid Comic, here.


Catnip - Feline's Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and TabbyCatnip Felines Only – By Inuki, Hyseed aka Macha/Mochi, Ozu and TabbyFully colored 48 pages of sexy felines ready for any frisky game you´re lloking for. Adult content male and female kittys by Inuky, Hyseed aka Macha/Mochi, Ozu and Tabby. High quality printed in magazine size.

German: Bunt gemischt und rollig abgeschneckt. Inuki präsentiert auf 48 Seiten Katzen und katzenartige Männchen und Weibchen in all ihrer Pracht und bester Druckqualität. Unterstützt (will heißen ergänzt durch teilweise exklusive Motive) von Hyseed aka Macha/Mochi, Ozu und Tabby ist dieses Artbook höchst abwechlungsreich geraten. Von verspielt bis explzit, von niedlich bis menschlich und von sexy bis tropfend geil reicht das Spektrum der ganz- & doppelseitigen Illustrationen.

The good news is that we are back to picking and packing orders six days a week. If it’s in stock it will go out within 48 hours of being placed. Out of stock items will take a bit longer.

That’s it for today’s update!

Andrew Rabbitt

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