Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics,

January has been an incredibly busy month for us. We had friends in town for the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, we attended our first Further Confusion since 2002 as attendees, we went to a convention for our clients, and we spent a week in California training some walnut and almond clients on how to test their products for mycotoxins. It was so very good to see all our friends, make some new friends, and work with our suppliers while traveling. Thought it all we were able to ensure that orders shipped in a reasonable time and delays were avoided – except for large print orders.

The fox is personally sorry for the three week delay in the shipment of large format prints. The printer ran dry on both magenta and light cyan ink. The replacement tanks ordered we not right for the printer as the company shipped the wrong ink. This caused a weeks delay. The replacement for the replacements came with the wrong chips. We’ve taken steps to resolve these issues and expect the right ink and chips to arrive Monday. All pending large print orders will receive a free Rabbit Valley critter print with their order as an apology.

We have a couple of new titles coming out in February, more on those as they are available. We have also placed stocking orders from our suppliers for their items released at Further Confusion and have received the tracking information. Those items will be available on the site as soon as they arrive to our warehouse.

Well, that’s about it for exposition! Onto the top ten shipped items in January!

1Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4 – Ryoken Cover$25.00
2Dragons Hoard Issue 1 – Digital PDF Version$7.50
3Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4 – Spelunker Sal Cover$25.00
4Buy It By The Box (Donate to Rabbit Valley) – 9 x 12 x 2 inch box of stuff$12.50
5Starlite Gardens: A Candi Comic by Megan Giles$4.00
6Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms Issue 2$18.00
7Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #2$8.99
8Dragons Hoard Issue 2 – Digital PDF Version$12.50
9Genus Male Issue #13$4.95
10Catnip – Feline’s Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and Tabby$30.00

Newest Items added to the store include:

Genus Male Issue 13


Furrlough Issue 191

Dragon’s Hoard 4

Spelunker Sal CoverRyoken Cover

Spies in Their Midst by Alflor Aalto

Spies in Their Midst by Alflor Aalto

Catnip – Feline’s Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and Tabby

Catnip - Feline's Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and Tabby


Sarin Barneby and the King’s Gambit by Alflor AaltoSarin Barneby and the King's Gambit by Alflor AaltoThe Chronicles of Jayden: Book 2 – Monster and Saviour by K WolfThe Chronicals of Jayden: Book 2 - Monster and Saviour by K Wolf
Trick or Treat – Halloween Anthology edited by Ianus J WolfTrick or Treat - Halloween Anthology edited by Ianus J WolfBuring Curiosity by HerrAardy & ScystormBurning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm


I’ve more to say, but that’s it for today.

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