As you may have read on our home page, our shipping department is closed until we return to Las Vegas on Tuesday. We’re currently in Novi, Michigan for Furry Connection North. So far, it’s a fun convention.

The top selling books at the convention are as follows:

Our top selling items for the last week on the website are as follows:

1Stories From Elton High by Alflor Aalto$20.00
2Genus Male Issue #12$5.95
3Webz Magazine Issue 1 Digital Edition – PDF$5.00
4Cocktails: Hard and Strong$15.95
5Cocktails: Summer 2008$14.95
6Dragons Hoard Volume 3$29.95
7Fast Boyz Delivery Service – Digital Edition PDF$5.00
8Life in the Co-Op Episode Three: Performance of a Lifetime Part 2 – Digital Edition – PDF$5.00
9Tales From The Co-Op Episode 1 – Freedom – Digital Edition – PDF$5.00
10The Kami Sutra$24.95

Here at Furry Connection North we have a wide selection of books from at least seven fandom creative outlets including FurPlanet, SofaWolf Press, Anthropomorphic Dreams, Hot Cider Press (Club Stripes), Radio Comix, MLP: Friendship Is Magic, and of course our own Rabbit Valley® Comics titles and a few more independent publishers!

We’ll be back in Vegas to pick, pack, and ship orders Tuesday, then we are off to Reno for Biggest Little Fur Con followed by Modesto for a nut training, San Diego for a medical conference…going to be a busy month!

Anyway, back to selling books!

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