It’s been a right busy day, but we’re caught up on all the orders that do not contain pre-order items. Many thanks to everyone who visited the store and special thanks to those who placed an order, or two! We strive to ship five to six days a week because we believe that if you order something you deserve it in a timely manner.

As the Fox keeps saying, we’ve added a whole bunch of new items from FurPlanet, SofaWolf, and 2 The Ranting Gryphon. We also received a massive amount of back stock from Radio Comix. All the Genus Male and Anubis Dark Desires titles are back in stock!

All can be found at Rabbit Valley® Comics. For your browsing pleasure you can jump right to our supplier departments using the below links.

We’e also updated the popular items crawler on the Rabbit Valley Comics home page as well as the new items collage at the bottom of the page.

Our newest Rabbit Valley titles including The Chronicles of Jayden, Quick Dip, and Dragon’s Hoard Presents NomNoms (in time for Vore Thursday) continue to top the most shipped items. We also publish books in the below series or by the below listed creators.

Rabbit Valley Published Titles
 Spooo Presents
 Associated Student Bodies
 Dark Zel and Tredain
 Dragons Hoard
 Fast Boyz Delivery Service
 Grace Ogawa
 Instinct Disorder
 Jeremy Bernal’s Books
 Ookami Kemono
 Rocketship Rodents
 Webz Magazine

Anyway, I think that’s enough of a marketing message for tonight.

Happy ordering!

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