We’ve added a bunch of new titles to the Rabbit Valley® Comics Shop including KNOT University Volume 3 – Zander’s Summer Games and Webz Magazine Issue 4.

Knot University Volume 3 – Zander’s Summer Games by Sunitai Reij – $25.00

Knot_U_3_Summer_GamesKNOT U: Summer games with your main character CrazyRedFox Of course, you might recognize him when him and Michichael where having so much fun in the last comic, but it looks like this time around, he’s chasing after Alexi_Civitas of who he seems to have formed a schoolboy crush on.

Hope you all enjoy the fun and craziness to come and welcome to another semester of KNOT U!

Contains Male/Male Erotica

Webz Magazine Issue 4 – Happy Days & Picnic by Kaput – $7.50

webz-magazine-issue-4-warehouse-days-of-glory-picnic-by-kaput-67660From Kaput: I love music, especially electronic music, and I even love it more than the visual arts. It’s one of those things where I’ve made art my career, so music as a hobby just makes sense. I’ve dabbled in mixing software and I feel like I could throw a decent house party in a pinch. I haven’t even gotten so far as trying it out on SecondLife yet, but my partner is practically a pro. It’s safe to assume he’s inspired me heavily for this story, too, and the parties we’ve shared together. We’re both fans of all kinds of jungle and breaks, but I also love trance.

I thought for a long time about what to name these stories. There were several blockbuster tracks over the summer that seemed to encompass the feeling of it and all my memories. But there was one particular song that I discovered has been sampled about a skillion times. I finally traced that track down to the Chicago house 1989 classic Warehouse (Days of Glory) by New Deep Society. Big Ups.

As for Picnic, I like to think that speaks for itself.

I had a great time switching up the gears for this issue. But never fear — Gus will certainly be returning!

Other New Titles:


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