Available for immediate shipping  The Streets of HIs City and Other Stories by Alflor Aalto – $20.00.

Visit the city of Llyra and the land of Aarya in this collection of short stories and novellas. They are tales of young heroes looking for happiness and meaning in their lives. Some cross paths, others pass each other by with hardly a nod.

Includes The following Stories:
Streets of His City:
The northern province of Septimine is attacked, and no one but young Prince Natier survives. Frightened and alone, the young fox undertakes a perilous journey across the country and makes it home. In his eyes, there are none to blame but his father. King Rasdill the diplomat believed firmly that a simple peace envoy was all it would take to fix things. That decision cost the Queen her life and almost did likewise for the Prince.

Rasdill welcomes his son to the palace with open arms, but Natier keeps things purely cordial. But such fulsome formality doesn’t last, and the young fox soon finds himself feeling trapped within the walls of the palace and searching desperately for some outlet to vent his emotions. He finds just such a thing in a secret passage that leads directly from his bedroom to a pub outside the palace walls. At night, when no one can see him, the Prince steals away into the city of Llyra and begins his explorations. What he finds will change him and take him further down the path of discovering who he truly is and who he has become after his mother’s death.

Their Labors of Love:
When the love he thought would last forever runs its course, Sirius learns the meaning of heartbreak. But in his languish, the young raccoon makes a friend in a fellow palace servant named Kaarper. The rabbit is eager to help in any way he can, and soon hatches a plan for getting Sirius back together with the love of his life. Sirius follows blindly for the sheer hope and possibility of having Alir in his arms again. As the plan slowly comes to fruition, however, the young raccoon may realize that not all the choices he will make are as clear as his love had made them seem

The Looking War:
Years have passed since the spy and his hunter had fallen in love. With every new assignment, Orrin and Trivus play their game, each coming within just a hairsbreadth of success to keep the higherups happy. But soon a special mission comes, and neither of the two lovers is allowed to fail. Their game has just become a war.

Available Now – $20.00

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