Happy Thursday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics;

We’ve got a few new titles to share with you today.

Knot Shy by Sunitai Reij

Knot shy is a combination of the two comics Knot U and Shower Shy. Both Comics are made and illustrated by Sunitai Reij and feature Ziggy Husky as the main Character. KNOT U is a story based in a world where A university’s main reason for existing is for the teaching of sexual education when it comes to understanding the primal and sometimes uncontrollable urges of the youth and to keep them from hurting themselves or others. Shower Shy is a comic about exploring how much sexyness can inadvertanly happen in a locker room when you least expect it to, but it leads to one hell of a ride in the end.
Get It here.

The Haunted House by Inoby

With the help of Ardel and some heavy drinking a second book as emerged! In this volume we follow Bastien, a cocky french rabbit who had a recent death in the family. He soon finds out that his uncle has left him a large sum of money but could only be given to him if he spends three nights in his mansion. First not too happy with the situation, Bastien soon realises that this house is not what it seems… and that his uncle is a bigger perv than he is. Get It here.

Weady Set…Go! by Furnut

The girls are back and up to no good both here in the real world and virtually! Warning: Adult Comic, graphic depiction of critter on critter hot lesbian action.
Get It here.

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