Every once in a while we receive email from our customers. Sometimes they have questions about their orders, sometimes they want to know when a backordered item was going to be back in stock, other times they want us to know something about themselves. Below is an email we received this evening that touched us.

Subject: Insanely Happy Customer

Just before Christmas, I broke my old alarm clock (by dropping it on the floor, yay me) that I have had for almost 20 years. I’m telling you this because, when I tossed said clock into the cruel abyss of the trash bin (please forgive me old clock) about 13 years worth of Rabbit Valley Scotch tape went with it.

You see, I order ALOT from you fine gents; back then I still lived With my parents, and thus had limited room. I would sit on my bed and open your lovely packages. Doing so I naturally had to dispose of the earlier mentioned Scotch tape that was on the plastic sleeves the books and Portfolios came in. Since my alarm clock was close at hand, I simply stuck the sticky tape on that! Yay! :3

Over the years I created rather an impressive geological layer of tape. Sadly though, this all ended at the end of last year. However, I did buy a new alarm clock, I now how my own place, and more room! Two days ago, when I received my latest (pony based) package from Rabbit Valley,  just for old times sake, I stuck the scotch tape from the plastic sleeve on my new alarm clock :3

Cheers and a belated Happy New Year, and thanks for the Christmas Card that was in one of your earlier packages!

Kind regards Stian

We have lots of words for Stian, but the only ones we can articulate at this time are Thank You and You’re Welcome. I can assure you that we have no shortage of Scotch tape for future packages.


Sean & Andre Rabbitt

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