We wish all our family, friends, relations, furries everywhere, and anyone reading this a Happy New Year. May your celebration, if you choose to celebrate, be filled with merriment and good times.

2014 was a good year for us at Rabbit Valley® Comics. We released many new books, shipped lots of orders, and increased the number of conventions we attend by a lot! 2015 will be more of the same – new books, shipping lots of orders, and hanging out with people at conventions and events.

On a personal note we, the Bunny and Fox of Rabbit Valley,  also had a good year. We celebrated ten years of being legally married, fifteen years together, and seventeen years of running Rabbit Valley. Bunny had a very positive move in his day job and Fox is still working from home for his clients.

In 2015 both Bunny and Fox are going to work on health issues – starting with visiting all the doctors in January – Eye Doctor a week from Monday, Gastroenterologist a week from Tuesday, GP later in the month and dentist… Need to be healthy for life! Weight loss has been steady for both critters too!

All in all the 2014 rotation around the sun was a good one. Sure there were some downs along with the ups, but we choose to focus on the good stuff and leave the less good behind.

Happy New Year!

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