Happy Memorial Day to all our friends, family, and customers;

White I am not with my family today celebrating and remembering the sacrifices of our veteran friends and relations I’m with them in spirit Thanks to my youngest brother (who purchased my second generation iPad) I was able to spend some time at the family get together via video. It was good to see my Mother as well as other members of the family again, even if only on the computer screen. I gave Mom a tour of the house, chatted with my brother about work, and was even able to bark at the family dog. All in all it reminded me that, besides my friends and loving husband, there are people who care about me.

Today has been a day of bored busy. Sure I packed up all the weekend orders, cleaned house, played musical cars – but it’s all routine. I’m really looking forward to CaliFur this weekend! We’ll have all our books, a selection of books from FurPlanet, Sofawolf Press, and many others as well as BuckTown Tiger! We’ll also have DVDs by 2 Gryphon – if they arrive in time.

Anyway, time to get out of the office for a few hours.

Rabbit Valley® Comics Summer Sale
It’s Las Vegas and it’s hot. To help pass these days of ninety degree weather, we’re offering 15% off all orders of $100.00 or more on in stock merchandise. Anything in stock, even if it is already discounted.  Simply use the coupon code Summer2012 during the check out process between now and the end of May to receive your discount.

We’ve got books from lots of different creative outlets in the Furry Fandom and will have even more later in June. Sofawolf Press and FurPlanet are releasing a whole bunch of new titles for the world’s largest furry convention next month. We’ll be getting those titles shortly after the convention and will sure to add them to the site as soon as they arrive. We thank our loyal customers for their patience and contented patronage.

We like to think of Rabbit Valley® Comics as like a big virtual dealer’s room with titles from many of the creative outlets in the fandom including 2 the Ranting GryphonAnthropomorphic DreamsBad Dog BooksBucktown TigerDreamfield ComicsClub Strips & CocktailsFurplanetJarlidium PressRadio ComixRingtail CafeSofawolf PressTales of the Tai Pan UniverseUsagi Yojimbo ComicsYARF!, and many more. We also have a wide collection of prints from many artists in the fandom. If you can’t find it in our store, let us know via email, comment on our blog, message on twitter, or any other social network where we have an account.

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