So here we are in Detroit, Michigan – Novi actually – again for our third year dealing at Furry Connection North. We’re really looking forward to seeing all our friends. We’ve got dinners, parties, and lots of time in the dealer’s room planned for the weekend.

It all started last night when we caught an overnight flight from Vegas to Detroit. I, the fox of Rabbit Valley, tried my best to sleep on the plane, but could not. My loving spouse, the Bunny of Rabbit Valley, read a digital magazine and worked on editing our next release. The flight was pretty uneventful though after a while it smelled a little funky due to a few not-so-loud children. Overall it was one of the better Delta flights I have flown.

Picking up the rental car was a bit of a hassle as the family in front of us was just way to comedic for seven in the morning. Seriously this guy turned every single statement into a joke form the second we arrived on the shuttle bus to the second they stole the car to which we were walking up to select. Seriously, after standing at the rental podium for 30 minutes we were told all our paperwork was in order and to go choose a car. Apparently we didn’t have to do any paperwork being a Blue Chip renter – it was all done on line, as we expected. The only issues was that the staff had not put the paperwork into a pre-definded car for us so we had to go choose one. The family of jokers was still in the parking lot looking at cars…We walked up to a nice blue Ford Focus and were about to reach for the door when they did the same. We settled on a Chevrolet.

Out hotel allowed us early check in and breakfast. We took a short nap before I had to jump on a conference call and get some work done. Now I’m working on client projects as the Bunny naps.

This afternoon we’ll set up the tables, move the boxes from the cars to the dealer’s room, then have dinner with friends before picking up other friends at the airport.

It’s going to be a jam packed day!

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