We’re happy to welcome DJ Ear to our lineup of furry musicians!


Fascinate-and-Entrace-Cover Art


Sample here: FESampler

Collection of tracks by DJ Ear (electronic house ibiza uk hardcore electro electronica fusion hardcore house progressive rave trance):

Track Listing:

  1. Luminosity 05:34
  2. Fascinate 03:58
  3. Entrance 04:31
  4. PokeFnksum 03:28
  5. Macrocosm 06:08
  6. Ingress 05:10
  7. Conception 04:08
  8. Transcendency 05:28

Special Thanks to: LionX, Lycan Catt, 2 Gryphon

Additional Shouts: Toast, FreqRexy, Shadow Remix, Vizard Jeffhog, Bandit, Einstein, Genki, Clane, Protocollie, Fox Amoore, BBF, Arin Hanson, Potoroo, Those who bought copies @ AC2013!

released 25 July 2013
-Vocals for PokeFnksum by Egoraptor
-Debut Release at Anthrocon 2013

-Mixed/Mastered at Mad Rabbit Audio

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