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Cover art for The Chronicles of Jayden: The Gifted

Wolf, the author of our newest novel, wrote up a little blurb to get you enticed by his new book, The Chronicles of Jayden: The Gifted, the first of several books in a new fantasy series he’s penned.  This is original stuff and not in the book.  Not too spoiler-esque, but it may tell you something about the book.

From within the shadows of the trees, atop the hills that looked down over the city of Dotharian, King Taimus Corinth watched as the city burned and wondered if this was to be the fate of all his cities.  As he retired to the security of his armored car, he pondered which would destroy the majority of his cities first.  Would it be the war or the renegade Summoner Zenti in his monstrous quest to rid the Isle of Mitd of the invaders?  Perhaps it was time to speak with the Royal Assassin about bringing this matter under control.

Dotharian burned, and at its center stood the silver white wolf, Summoner Zenti.  He watched with a seething anger as he continued to coax the flames of the burning city higher.  How dare the citizens help the invaders?  Rage burned inside at the invaders and the traitors of Dotharian, but they paled in comparison to the uncontrollable rage he felt for his once mate.  Mari had denounced him, judged him as the traitor, and turned her back on him.  He had walked away but briefly stoped and watched her drop her mating band.  He raged at what the invaders had done to him, the bargain he struck with the Oracle to avenge his Mari’s death, only to find she had thrown him away like rubbish.  The city burned brighter, and charred bodies of his race still smoldered as be howled in rage.  Yet within the rage, something tugged at his cold heart

Zenti remembered reading the history of the Isle of Mitd, normally a place of peace.  Once or twice a century, the invaders would come from the stars, descending upon this isle.  They came, randomly pillaged cities and then left.  They had never stayed or fought a protracted war until now.  His mind drifted to his lost heart.  How could she have been so cold and hateful towards him?  He howled in rage, and the city burned brighter.  If the invaders were here to wage war, it was time to make the pay for it with rivers of blood.

Watching the wolf leave the city, the king looked over to the old buzzard sitting across from him in the armored car.  The old shaman looked back at the king, both sharing the same questioned look in the other’s eyes.  Was this summoner in control enough to win the war without destroying the whole of the Isle?  The armored car rolled away from the woods just after the buzzard stepped out.  He watched as the car faded into the night turning off its lights and becoming nothing more than a dot in the dark.  Turning back to the burning city, the shaman pondered just what would be the best way to guide this raging wolf to help win this war and mend his broken heart. Perhaps it was not he that needed the guidance but the one who had injured him.  With that thought, he raised a paw and in a brief flash of light, the shaman was gone.

And here’s where you want to put on your spoiler glasses:

Mari looked at the mating ring in the light of the new morning sun.  Why she had gone back to find it? She did not know, yet she had spent all night looking for it.  Her patrons and soldiers needed her guidance if they were to win this war, and now she had to do it alone.  Her mate, she spat those words out as if they were rotten food in her mouth, had been the guiding force behind her military victories. Now, she would have to rely only on herself.  Steeling herself, she headed back to her camp and to the war that awaited her: war that would determine the fate of her race, the fate of the Isle of Mitd, and future of the planet Jayden.