Monthly Archives: May 2020

May 2020 Update: 

5/29/2020: We are not hiring at this time. Over the last few weeks we have had several calls from people seeking jobs. While we wish we were in a position to hire people, we’re small and business has slowed down. If we find ourselves in a position to hire people, we will add a Careers section to our website.

Order status updates can be sent vie email.

Earlier in May: Items in the WhiteFox’s Books of Interest will either ship directly from our printer or are currently in stock in our Massachusetts warehouse. We will be adding departments with inventory in our Arizona and New Jersey warehouses over the coming weeks. If you’re looking for something to read, order from the WhiteFox’s Books of Interest department for fastest shipping.

Back in April we left Nevada to rescue Uncle Mike from the hospital – he fell while walking. Over the seven day trip he contracted COVID-19 and has been in a medical facility ever since as they will not release him to us until he tests negative. We are at his apartment waiting for him to get better so we can take him home.

We’re working closely with our partners and suppliers to continue to ship orders weekly. For print on demand items, lead times have increased to up to three weeks in some cases. Some of the printers we work with are on shut down and we are looking for additional printers to offset the delays. We thank you for your constant patience.


Andrew Rabbitt