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…and also happens to be Easter.

Until very recently my grandfather – Pépère to us – was super active and still working forty hours a week. He has since retired and his health is declining… I can’t list all his accomplishments over his life, but I’m super proud to be a member of his family. One thing I will share is that round bout spring every year he makes his own maple syrup. Newport Life did an article about it a few years back.

Read the article here.

It will always, in my mind, be the best syrup.


Fox here. I recently deleted my old LiveJournal due to the changes in their terms of services (discussed at length on other sites and on my Twitter).

Now I’m looking for a new blogging platform…

I purchased Day One 2 as it works on all my devices and would import all my old LiveJournal posts into one place. That alone was worth the cost of admission. But what it lacks (currently) is a publish feature. They say it’s coming in a future update…yeah…

For now I’ll be leveraging the Rabbit Valley® Comics Blog for my own personal uses.

Until later…

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