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Greetings Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics,

We’ve certainly had a busy summer thus far and it looks like the last few weeks of the season will continue to be hectic – but busy is good and we like good.

This weekend is FA United in New Jersey. If you’re at the convention and want some of our books check out M&T Comics in the dealers’ room as well as our friends listed below:

  • Table 1-2 – M&T Comics and Cards
  • Table 22 – NJSPCA
  • Table 33 – Sciggles
  • Table 38 – Gideon’s Corral

Also be sure to check out Fox Amoore & Colson’s acoustic concert this evening.

The Fox Amoore & Colson Concert
hosted by Fox Amoore & Colson
7:00P-8:00P (Main Events/Ballroom E)

Next weekend the fox will be in Austin, Texas so there will be a slight shipping delay.

Our next big event is Furry Migration where we’ll be in the dealer’s room with our books and a selection of popular titles form our suppliers and publishing friends.

We’ve added a few new items to the store this week including:

We’ve also received a bunch of inventory from FurPlanet and have more of the back ordered items on the way from both FurPlanet and Sofawolf. We’ll be shipping all back ordered items as they arrive. Thanks for your patience.

Top Shipped Items This Week:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Dragons Hoard Presents He Knew – By Muskie$18.00
2Buy It By The Box – Help Clear The Warehouse$12.50
3The Mystic Sands by Alflor Aalto$20.00
4Genus Presens Bun-Buns$6.95
5Circles Issue #1$7.50
6Circles Issue #2$5.00
7Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4$25.00
8Spies in Their Midst by Alflor Aalto$20.00
9Sarin Barneby and the King’s Gambit by Alflor Aalto$20.00
10Clamcrusher Presents: Boys In and Out of Briefs $24.95

I think that’s about it for this week. Read you in the funny papers.

Rabbit Valley Customer Service

We’ve had a busy year for sure! We’ve been to twenty-eight events this year (twenty-one directly, seven through our partners) and are currently on our way to our next event, RockyMountain Fur Con. After RMFC we’ve got five more direct events on the schedule so far and another eight through our partners. Busy year indeed!

Upcoming Direct Conventions:

Upcoming Partner Conventions:

July Top Shipped Items:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Dragons Hoard Presents He Knew – By Muskie$18.00
2Knot University two Tail Trouble by Sunitai Reij$25.00
3Stories From Lakeforest U by Alflor Aalto$20.00
4Uncovered by Kyell Gold$19.95
5Heat Issue #11$14.95
6The Golden Week Book 2 by Douglas “Kimmy” Kim$15.00
7Dragons Hoard Volume 3$30.00
8Dragons Hoard Presents DWAGS (Dragons Who Appreciate Gryphon Sex)$18.00
9Dragon’s Hoard Volume 2$25.00
10Buy It By The Box – Help Clear The Warehouse$12.50

Newest Items:

Rabbit Valley Titles:

Other Neat Stuff Available at Rabbit Valley Comics:

And that’s it until after RMFC!

K-9 has posted the cover to the upcoming Circles final volume.



More to come!




Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.17.49 PMMaltese Fur Con has come and gone.

We want to thank the entire staff of the convention, especially our friend Rourkie for putting on a most awesome event.

We arrived Friday morning, after spending a few days visiting family, and set up our tables. With four tables worth of room we still managed to not have enough space to show all the Rabbit Valley, SofaWolf, FurPlanet, Jarlidium, Radio Comix, and many other titles we carry. Throughout the entire day people commented that they did not realize how much furry literature was available. We’re so very glad that we’re able to bring so many titles to a new audience.

Our good friend Bazil stopped by during the day as he too had a table in the dealer’s room selling his really interesting magnetic badge game. We caught up on five years worth of events and agreed that dinner was in our future as schedules didn’t allow for him to come back later in the weekend. We ended up at Kelley’s Square Pub after striking out at some Italian seafood place. Oh my wow was that delicious! After dinner we turned in for the nigh

Bt9ubrgIMAAlVXL.jpg-largeSaturday started with coffee and conversing with attendees as we sold more books to the attendees of the convention. We took a break for lunch at the bar where we caught up with the crew of CirclesDuring the afternoon we continues to sell books and talk with friends. After dinner we hosted our Publishing Options in the Fandom panel and then joined some of the attendees at the bar for pitch meetings and advanced questions and answers.

Sunday started with more coffee then selling, then lunch, then packing up…

During the show the Fox took lots of Polaroids of the fursuits at the convention! Once he gets a more portable scanner he says he’ll get them up on the site.


All in all it was an amazing time with friends we don’t get to see that often, customers who now know there is much more than just fanzines and comics available in the fandom.

Can’t wait for next year!

Tuesday was spent picking and packing orders and getting ready to load up for Rocky Mountain Fur Con this coming weekend…

Hope to see some of you there.

Our shipping department will be closed from Thursday through Monday as the principle staff will be at Rocky Mountain Fur Con.