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To those of you who received a physical copy of DJ Ear’s new album ‪#‎DoubleJump‬ at Anthrocon 2014 – PLEASE READ!!!

From DJ Ear:

This album was a bit different from last year’s – not just in musical style, but also in the production of the final product. Instead of an album of single trax, I opted to pull out the turntables and record a 40min. ‪#‎DJMix‬ so that each tune in the mix transitioned seamlessly from one to the next.

Unfortunately, something goofed in the CD-Burning process and the tracks were accidentally placed in alphabetical title order, instead of the proper order in the original mix. I wish I had noticed this before – but right now my focus is on fixing the mistake, not dwelling on how it happened.

!!! SO – If you have a physical copy of #DoubleJump – please E-Mail Rifka of Rabbit Valley® Comics DIRECTLY for a replacement CD at: whitefox[at]

Again, I apologize for this annoying development (gotta just roll with the punches), but things will be taken care of and you can look forward to more new tunes & mixes from me in the coming months!

-EAR (Huepow00)

Replacements with the correct track order are ready to ship to those who purchased/received copies at Anthrocon. Please email for instructions.

July marks a whole bunch of anniversaries for the team at Rabbit Valley® Comics.

This July the Bunny and Fox celebrate

  • Fifteen years of being together
  • Ten years of being married
  • Seventeen years of running Rabbit Valley
  • Bunny’s ## birthday

May there be many more years together far into the future!