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Blacklight #1 by Roz Gibson – $4.95

City of Ice #1 of 7 by Roz Gibson – $14.95

Dragons Hoard Presents DWAGS (Dragons Who Appreciate Gryphon Sex) – Digital PDF Edition – $10.00

Dragons Hoard Volume 3 – Digital PDF Edition – $15.00

Fang Volume 5 – $19.95

Five Fortunes edited by Fred Patten – $19.95

God of Clay by Ryan Campbell – $17.95

Happy Little Trees with Flinters Roo – $10.00

Kiss the Rain by Salkitten – $19.95

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #15 MLP: FIM #15 Cover A – $3.99

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #15 MLP: FIM #15 Cover B – $3.99

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #16 MLP: FIM #16 Cover A – $3.99

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #16 MLP: FIM #16 Cover B – $3.99

New Fables: Summer 2012 edited by Tim Susman – $17.95

Peachy Keen: Exodus by Mandi Tremblay – $14.95

Red Devil by Kyell Gold – $19.95

Strip Brawlers by Braford – $19.95

Table for Three by Ace – $19.95

The Art of Henrieke by Henrieke Goorhuis – $14.95

Warriorz 2014 Calendar – $19.95

Webz Magazine Issue 3 by Kaput – $7.50

YARF! The Journal of Applied Anthropomorphics Volume 3 – $15.00

Greetings Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics,

We’ve added several new items to the store for your purchasing pleasure.

Webz Magazine Issue 3 by Kaput

India Extraction
Gus the repo sea otter once again outwits The Man and gets his rocks off while doing so. In Allahabad he meets up with the mongoose engineer, Rasul. But their romantic tryst is interrupted when things go all wrong and they get caught with a cache of stolen jewels…

Kiss the Rain by Salkitten

Shou was prepared to spend another school year alone until the optimistic dog, Ken, made a sudden appearance in his life. Though unlikely friends, the two grew closer even as Shou guarded a painful secret from his new beloved.

An emotional story of love and friendship against all odds, Kiss the Rain is sure to tug heartstrings and paint a bittersweet, yet touching portrait of relationships facing real trials together.

Art and story by Salkitten
M/M Romance

Strip Brawlers by Braford

When the bear, Sarge, interviews his old flame Justin—a possible new dancer for his strip club—they reconnect in more ways than one. But Justin is in for more than he bargained for, as Sarge sets him up with a whole new dance partner.

M/M comic, art and story by Branford

Table for Three by Ace

It’s Ben’s birthday, and Sandra has a very special surprise in store for him.

His name’s Avery.

M/F/M comic, art and story by Ace

Warriorz 2014 Calendar by Cheetahpaws

13-month calendar running from January 2014 thru January 2015 featuring the stunning artwork of Cheetahpaws, this folds out to a 12 x 24 inch portrait style calendar. Each of the buff men featured here is the kind of warrior who doesn’t need bulky armor getting in the way.

Be sure to grab a copy so you can have all of them for yourself.



Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics;

We’ve been busy getting orders shipped, repairing the large format printer (still in process), and adding titles to the web site. So we’ll start off with a recap of the newest titles available at Rabbit Valley Comics.

New Titles:

For a complete list of new titles visit our new items department at

Top Shipped Items This Week:

1My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #15 MLP: FIM #15 Cover A$3.99
2My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #16 MLP: FIM #16 Cover A$3.99
3Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4 – Ryoken Cover$25.00
4Circles Volume One Paperback: It Seems Like I’ve Been Here Before$16.95
5Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm$25.00
6Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #1$8.99
7Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #2$8.99
8Circles Issue #2$5.00
9Circles Issue #3$5.00
10Circles Issue #4$5.00

We’ve got some other exciting things coming up later this month.

Enjoy the weekend.

Happy Thursday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics;

We have some new items to tell you about today.

New Comics, Fanzines, Books, Toys, and Stuff
God of Clay by Ryan Campbell – $17.95

Driven to the borders of an unfamiliar forest by an ever-expanding drought, two rival brothers find their fortunes and that of their tribe entwined in a long-forgotten conflict between the old gods of the world. Clay’s fervent belief in devotion to the gods does nothing to prepare him for their true natures, while Laughing Dog’s self-assured insistence that his destiny is his own leads him on a very different journey. As battle lines are drawn, each brother must decide where his allegiance truly lies — a decision that will change each of them forever.

Meanwhile, Doto, the son of the sullen and wrathful forest god Kwaee sets out to capture a member of the brothers’ tribe and bring them back to his father for interrogation, believing the humans to be in league with the insatiable fire god Ogya. In the process, he begins to doubt the stories he has always heard from his father about the original conflict, and the mysterious places in the heart of the forest that he was forbidden to ever visit.

God of Clay is the first novel in a three part series, and brings the three main characters through pain, loss, madness, hope, redemption, and love to the cusp of the conflict with Ogya.

Author Ryan Campbell has had several stories and poems featured in the New Fables anthology, and has the novel “Smiley and the Hero” published by FurPlanet Productions. This is his first novel with Sofawolf Press.

Cover and interior illustrations are by Zhivago.

New Fables: Summer 2012 edited by Tim Susman – $17.95

New Fables returns in 2012 with a lineup of six stories sure to satisfy your literary and furry reading tastes. With a variety of authors and subjects, the magazine said to “raise the bar for the quality this fandom produces” (Weasel Wordsmith, June 2010) continues its tradition of publishing the best in furry lit fiction.

Marlissa Campbell’s “The Stampeders” is an innovative take on the similarities of man and animal, telling the parallel stories of a man pursuing the gold rush and a spawning salmon. With a combination of narrative and epistolary storytelling, Campbell weaves a little magic into her tale.

In “Au Naturel,” by Alice Edwards, a seemingly straightforward tale with steampunk overtones proves to have hidden layers. The age-old battle between nature and technology is brought down to a very small-scale, personal level.

Kathleen Hammond contributes a gentle, personal story in “Martha the Otter” about the advance of old age and what we can do about it.

Daniel Lowd’s “Fish Magic” is a charming coming-of-age story that fits a surprising amount of world-building into its compact structure.

In “Bats Are Hot!” Timothy L. Marsh examines the difference between what we are and what we want to be—and what we should want to be. Written with wry humor and social commentary, he will also change your mind about bats, at least a little bit.

And those familiar with Ryan Campbell will be glad to see an all-new story from him. In “Monsters,” Ryan takes us to a fantasy world where jackals defend a walled city against insectoid monsters. A hero-worshipping engineer takes a daring, dangerous ride, and finds out more about the monsters than he ever wanted to know.

With a beautiful cover by Katie Thierolf, New Fables is ready to wrap up your 2012 summer in fine furry style!


Peachy Keen: Exodus by Mandi Tremblay – $14.95

After surviving high school graduation, Logainne and Clover have moved to the city to pursue their futures together. They have each other, but money is tight and Clover’s constant fear of being caught has Logainne feeling particularly trapped. When a chance encounter brings Logainne into the underground Lesbian club scene and back into contact with an old friend, she finds herself willing to trade some risk for the opportunity to live a little. But will Clover feel the same way?

Peachy Keen: Exodus is book #2 in a a retro-styled graphic novel series by Mandi Tremblay, who describes herself as “a freelance artist. She lives in Northern California with her boyfriend and turtle, Bruce Wayne. She often falls asleep with pens in her hair.”

Red Devil by Kyell Gold – $19.95

When Alexei seeks the help of a ghost to deal with a swaggering bully, he gets the strength and confidence he hopes for. If in the process he hurt his best friend Sol, well, he can make it up to the wolf later. Things get worse when the ghost, an old Siberian soldier, demands that Alexei give up his gay life, which Alexei fled his home country for. The young fox is resolved to send the ghost away — until his sister, left behind with their abusive parents, falls into mortal danger from which only the ghost can save her. Now Alexei must choose between living the life he risked everything to have and rescue his beloved Caterina from death…or worse.

Cover and interior illustrations by Rukis

Red Devil is Kyell Gold’s second non-adult book. The novel contains characters that are involved in homosexual relationships, but there are no explicit depictions of sexual acts.

The Art of Henrieke by Henrieke Goorhuis – $14.95

The Art of Henrieke dives into the creative process and unseen work of cartoonist and illustrator Henrieke Goorhuis. From a young age, a combined love of art and animals lead her to contributing to conservation efforts, illustrating for zoos, working on children’s comics, and developing her own lively characters. Energetic and fun, Henrieke’s sketches are reminiscent of the golden age of comics and animation, yet with her own twist of humor and vision. With her grasp of gesture, expression and movement, her characters come to life on the page (and jump right onto the next!)

This installment of Artistic Visions includes 76 pages of nearly everything from aardwolves to zebras. With hundreds of sketches, concept work, the development of life studies into cartoons, and step-by-step examples of taking a rough idea to a finished piece, this collection has something for any art and animal lover!

We’ll have some more new items to add to the store later this week. We’ve also pruned down our New Items Department to more accurately reflect the newest items in the store.

More to come this weekend!

Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics,

January has been an incredibly busy month for us. We had friends in town for the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, we attended our first Further Confusion since 2002 as attendees, we went to a convention for our clients, and we spent a week in California training some walnut and almond clients on how to test their products for mycotoxins. It was so very good to see all our friends, make some new friends, and work with our suppliers while traveling. Thought it all we were able to ensure that orders shipped in a reasonable time and delays were avoided – except for large print orders.

The fox is personally sorry for the three week delay in the shipment of large format prints. The printer ran dry on both magenta and light cyan ink. The replacement tanks ordered we not right for the printer as the company shipped the wrong ink. This caused a weeks delay. The replacement for the replacements came with the wrong chips. We’ve taken steps to resolve these issues and expect the right ink and chips to arrive Monday. All pending large print orders will receive a free Rabbit Valley critter print with their order as an apology.

We have a couple of new titles coming out in February, more on those as they are available. We have also placed stocking orders from our suppliers for their items released at Further Confusion and have received the tracking information. Those items will be available on the site as soon as they arrive to our warehouse.

Well, that’s about it for exposition! Onto the top ten shipped items in January!

1Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4 – Ryoken Cover$25.00
2Dragons Hoard Issue 1 – Digital PDF Version$7.50
3Dragon’s Hoard Volume 4 – Spelunker Sal Cover$25.00
4Buy It By The Box (Donate to Rabbit Valley) – 9 x 12 x 2 inch box of stuff$12.50
5Starlite Gardens: A Candi Comic by Megan Giles$4.00
6Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms Issue 2$18.00
7Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #2$8.99
8Dragons Hoard Issue 2 – Digital PDF Version$12.50
9Genus Male Issue #13$4.95
10Catnip – Feline’s Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and Tabby$30.00

Newest Items added to the store include:

Genus Male Issue 13


Furrlough Issue 191

Dragon’s Hoard 4

Spelunker Sal CoverRyoken Cover

Spies in Their Midst by Alflor Aalto

Spies in Their Midst by Alflor Aalto

Catnip – Feline’s Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and Tabby

Catnip - Feline's Only By Inuki with art by Inuki, Hyseed, Ozu, and Tabby


Sarin Barneby and the King’s Gambit by Alflor AaltoSarin Barneby and the King's Gambit by Alflor AaltoThe Chronicles of Jayden: Book 2 – Monster and Saviour by K WolfThe Chronicals of Jayden: Book 2 - Monster and Saviour by K Wolf
Trick or Treat – Halloween Anthology edited by Ianus J WolfTrick or Treat - Halloween Anthology edited by Ianus J WolfBuring Curiosity by HerrAardy & ScystormBurning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm


I’ve more to say, but that’s it for today.