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We’ve been out in San Diego for the COLA Symposium for Clinical Labs this week so orders have not gone out since Wednesday early morning. We will be processing all orders placed since Wednesday morning tomorrow and shipping them on Monday. Thanks for your patience.

Top Shipped Items:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Untamed Volume 2$12.99
2Little Buddy by Chestnuts and Meesh$24.99
3Genus Male Issue #12$5.99
4Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm$20.00
5My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #5 MLP: FIM #5 Cover A$3.99
6My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #6 MLP: FIM #6 Cover A Main Six$3.99
7Dragons Hoard Volume 3$25.00
8Untamed Volume 1$11.95
9Dragons Hoard Presents DWAGS (Dragons Who Appreciate Gryphon Sex)$18.00
10Furrlough Issue #190$9.99

We’re impressed that our friends at Dragon’s Hoard continue to have title in the top ten! That’s over a year coming in in the top ten items shipped. If this were a music chart and they were a band I bet their concerts would sell out completely!

Speaking of Dragon’s Hoard, be sure to check out Sal and Dreamous’s table at CaliFur later this month.

If you are going to be attending CaliFur, be sure to stop by the Dealer’s Room and say hello! We’ll have a couple of tables somewhere in the room. Look for the fox and bunny banners and Rabbit Valley logo! Also consider visiting our friends at their tables, including:

  • Bedlam Badges
  • Caribou Ink
  • Dark Natasha
  • Fantasy Illustrations by Little Paw
  • LightBright Studios
  • Spelunker Sal

Again, our newest items in the store are as follows:

Winding Silhouettes by A Blue Deer and Shana

Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm


Carpi Mortis by Graveyard Greg

Profiles by Graveyard Greg and Khronos


As you may have heard our featured author of the week has been Graveyard Greg – check out his stuff, you won’t be disappointed. Next week we’ll feature another talented writer in the fandom.

All orders have gone out! We’ll process orders once more before we take off in the morning.

Check out Graveyard Greg’s writing and comics – he’s our focus this week. In print or epub, Greg’s an awesome writer. Our feature of the day is below.

Carpe Mortis: You Only Live Once by Graveyard GregCan life be awesome during a zombie apocalypse? Maybe for the undead, because it’s hard on the living.

Carpe Mortis is a story that runs parallel to the events of the Carpe Diem Halloween Special, and features the cast of Profiles with a few guest star appearances by a certain barista jackal, his boyfriend, and his little brother.

Under mysterious circumstances, the dead have begun to rise from their graves. The only choice is to fight for what you can keep, for your family and your friends. If you can save them before the nightmare claims them that is.

A follow up to the Carpe Diem Halloween Special, Carpe Mortis follows the struggle for survival of the characters from Profiles and Welcome to Cappuccinos as they fight to for their lives as the dead rise and the world collapses around them.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Over the course of Biggest Little Fur Con we got to know Graveyard Greg and his volume of work including Profiles, Carpe Diem, and more… Today we’d like to spotlight his works for all our customers.

 DescriptionPriceCompare At
The Species of Blessing Avenue by Graveyard Greg
The Species of Blessing Avenue by Graveyard Greg$9.95
Carpe Diem Halloween Special
Carpe Diem Halloween Special$7.95
Carpe Diem Volume 1: Life Is Meant To Be Awesome
Carpe Diem Volume 1: Life Is Meant To Be Awesome$19.95
Carpe Diem Vol 2 - Days Go By
Carpe Diem Vol 2 – Days Go By$19.95
Carpe Diem Vol 3
Carpe Diem Vol 3$19.95
Carpe Mortis: You Only Live Once by Graveyard Greg
Carpe Mortis: You Only Live Once by Graveyard Greg$9.95
Deathless by Graveyard Greg
Deathless by Graveyard Greg$9.95
Welcome to Cappuccinos by Graveyard Greg
Welcome to Cappuccinos by Graveyard Greg$19.95
Profiles Book 1 By Graveyard Greg
Profiles Book 1 By Graveyard Greg$9.95
Profiles Book 2 By Graveyard Greg
Profiles Book 2 By Graveyard Greg$9.95
Profiles Book 3 By Graveyard Greg
Profiles Book 3 By Graveyard Greg$9.95

Graveyard Greg is a prolific writer and has a vast catalog of books available for purchase digitally as well as those listed in print above. You can check out his digital versions on Smashwords.

We salute Graveyard Greg for doing his part to advance furry comics and writing.


This should be the last of the spring cleaning sessions – finally caught up!

Tall Tails – Multiple (Only Order Instock Titles)

Meet Ravenwood, Pandora, Klea, Silvermain, Gabriel, and Raulph – friends and warriors in search of the fabled Great Seal of Iberion, stolen from the possession of their benefactor. After a raid on a thieves’ den, they come across a mysterious boy who turns out to be the sole witness to whom may have stolen the Seal. Taking the child with them, they go on to meet Ravenwood’s cousin Cromwell, general of the Royal Army of Lifdell. Cromwell is on a search of his own. The heir apparent of Lifdell is missing and it is up to Cromwell to find him. But he soon learns that he may not have to travel far.

Tales of Perrsia Book 1 – $4.95

Brock Hoagland invites you to join Perissa, newest member of the Assassins Guild and her customers, as she entertains herself on some of the most exotic and hazardous commission. In this first collection of 5 short stories set within a wonderfully crafted fantasy world filled with magic, monsters and the mayhem of everyday life. Beautifully illustrated by Vicky Wyman (Xanadu & Ever-Changing Palace) Winner of Ursa Major Award 2001 for Best Anthropomorphic Short Story: “Beneath the Crystal Sea”, by Brock Hoagland (in Hoagland’s collection of original stories “Tales of Perissa”) Also nominated Ursa Major Award 2001 Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration: the front cover by Vicky Wyman.

Tohubohu – $3.25

March 8, 3052, Our mission begins

By the year 3000, human greed had depleted the earth of almost all its natural resources. The continents of North and South America housed what was left of these resources, and I realized that a great war would soon be waged for their control.

It is for this reason that I organized the Genesis society, the first and only conservation group dedicated to the preservtion of the human race…

Tellos – Multiple

Who knows… Really? Anyone care to write a synopsis?

The Unfunnies – Multiple (Order the in stock titles only)

Welcome to the most depraved comic-book of the 21st century, a disturbing, four issue mini-series that blends traditional animation with photo-strip storytelling to produce one of the most compelling horror comics in years. The Unfunnies is a journey through the dark side of the human soul like Magnolia or Happiness, but told in the style of your favorite animated cartoon strips. Undoubtedly, the most uncompromising work Mark Millar has ever produced, The Unfunnies forms a pivotal part of the December event along with WANTED from Top Cow, RUN! from Image and CHOSEN from Dark Horse Comics. All four Millarworld titles are subtly linked and aimed at an exclusively MATURE READERS audience, supported by massive features in the comic book and mainstream press.

Usagi Yojimbo – Multiple

Stan Sakai’s biggest admirers”who also happen to be some of the hottest names in comics”come together to celebrate one hundred issues of Usagi Yojimbo at Dark Horse! Featuring eight extra story pages for a total of thirty-two, Usagi Yojimbo #100 is structured as a good-natured roast of both Usagi and Stan, kicking off with an opening by publisher Mike Richardson and artist Rick Geary before launching into unforgettable contributions from Frank Miller, Jeff Smith, Sergio Aragonés, Guy Davis, Mark Evanier, Scott Shaw, Jamie S. Rich, and Andi Watson”not to mention Stan Sakai himself! This extra-special issue is the ultimate introduction to the world of the rabbit ronin and his inimitable creator, a perfect entry point for anyone who ever wondered why the adventures of this long-eared hero have been among the most acclaimed all-ages comics for over two decades!

One of the longest-running, consistent-selling comics ever!

Wild and Wild Kingdom – Multiple

Yup – All that and a bag of chips! Adult comics from the best of the early comic artists and writers in the fandom.

Wildlife and Wildlifers – Multiple

Early furry comics – worth the read.

YARF! – $15.00

What to say about a fanzine’s many-year run?YARF! was a ‘zine that was done by fans, for fans. We would like to thank everyone over the years who contributed to YARF!, supported YARF!, and purchased YARF!

Zu – $1.00

More early furry comics.

Happy Saturday,

It’s been a busy week here at Rabbit Valley! We’ve have some new titles to share with you as well as some items that have come back into inventory. Our travel schedule is starting to lighten up, which means we’ll have time to publish more books! And finally, the results of our spring cleaning!


New & Back In Stock Items:
Winding Silhouettes by A Blue Deer and Shana

Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm

Little Buddy by Meesh and Chestnuts is back in stock as are other Club Strips and Cocktails titles.


Top Shipped items:

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Plastic Title Dividers$0.75
2Genus Male Issue #12$5.95
3Little Buddy by Chestnuts and Meesh$24.95
4Genus Issue #93$9.99
5Fast Boyz Delivery Service – Digital Edition PDF$5.00
6Spooo Presents Issue #5 – Mark Wulfgar’s The Legacy of Celune’s Werewolves and Souls of the Past Episode 1$5.00
7Lackadaisy Cats Volume 1 – Signed by the Creator$30.00
8Untamed Volume 2$12.95
9Coffee Meet my Kadath$7.95
10Genus Issue #94$9.99

Upcoming Travel:
The Fox has returned from a day long out and back to Modesto yesterday [Friday] and has caught up on orders from Thursday. Our next trip is to San Diego for our Medical Laboratory Software Client. Anyone in the San Diego area want to meet for dinner or drinks? We’ll be in town from Wednesday through Saturday next week.

Seeing as we will be away next week, orders will not ship Wednesday through Saturday, we will get them out on Sunday, May 19th.

Here’s the shows and events for the rest of May.

  • COLA Symposium for Clinical Laboratories
    San Diego, CA
    May 14-18, 2013
    Rabbit Valley Comics
  • CaliFur
    Irvine, CA
    May 31 – June 2, 2013
    Rabbit Valley Comics

We don’t have anything else on the schedule until summer! Be on the lookout for more titles as we take a break from travel.

Spring Cleaning: We have been doing some spring cleaning in the warehouse and found a whole bunch of titles that you might be interested in learning more about.

We’ll have part five, the final part, out later this week.

Thanks for reading!