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Happy Sunday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comcis,

Last night was our annual holiday fancy dress party. Many thanks to everyone who showed up and shared the joy and festivities. We had an awesome time and hope all our guests did too.

Just a short update today including the top shipped items this past week – well, that’s about it really…

1Dragons Hoard Volume 3$29.95
2Dragons Hoard Presents DWAGS (Dragons Who Appreciate Gryphon Sex)$18.00
3MLP: Friendship is Magic #1 | MLP: FIM | Special Derpy Hooves / Ditzy Doo Wrap Around Cover$4.99
4MLP: Friendship is Magic #1 | ML: FIM | Fluttershy Cover$3.99
5Dragon’s Hoard Volume 1$12.99
6Genus Male Issue #11$5.99
7My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1 | MLP: FIM | Twilight Sparkle Cover$3.99
8Dragon’s Hoard Volume 2$25.00
9North American Fur Issue #28$18.00
10Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #1$8.99
11Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms$18.00
12MLP: Friendship is Magic #1 | MLP: FIM | Pinkie Pie Cover$3.99
13Fast Boyz Delivery Service Issue 1$7.50
14Heat Issue #9$14.99
15Genus Issue #94$9.95

That’s about it for today…

We’re celebrating with our friends today, usually weekly update will go out tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

Happy Wednesday,

We’ve worked our schedules so that if you wanted to place an order and have it in time for Christmas you can use UPS 2-Day service and it will arrive Monday so long as you order before end of day tomorrow. For our really good customers, and those who like to give UPS money as we don’t profit off shipping, Saturday Shipping can be arranged.

Also, thank you to everyone who took advantage of our Gift Wrapping Service this year. We had more gift wrap request this year than any other year that we’ve offered the service. If provided, pictures will be posted of wrapped gifts.

Shipping Table Update for The Holidays
UPS – United Parcel Service

  • UPS 2 Day (2 Business Days After Date of Order) – Order by Dec 20
  • UPS 3 Day (3 Business Days After Date of Order) – May Not Arrive By December 24th, depends on Zip Code.
  • UPS GROUND (3 to 9 Business Days) – May Not Arrive By December 24th, depends on Zip Code.

USPS – United States Postal Service

  • USPS Priority Mail (3-7 Business Days Depending on Zip CODE) – May not arrive by Christmas, depends on Zip.
  • USPS Media Mail (1-3 Weeks) – May not arrive by Christmas, depends on Zip Code.
  • USPS International Priority (1-3 Weeks) – Will not arrive by Christmas, Sorry.
  • USPS International First Class (2-6 Weeks) – Will not arrive by Christmas, Sorry.

New Items:

To the patron who asked, yes your Dragon’s Hoard Volume 3 will arrive by Monday!

Holiday Titles:

For those who asked, yes we are processing gift cards and pre-paid credit cards, but you have to let us know in advance. See here for details. We will also be watching the system and processing gift certificate orders as they come in so you should see your certificate via email within eight hours of placing your order.

We have a selection of titles from many of the creative talents in the furry fandom including 2 the Ranting Gryphon’s Comedy DVDs and CDs, Anthropomorphic Dreams novels, Associated Student Bodies TitlesBernard Doove Chakat TitlesBad Dog BooksBucktown Tiger’s Music CDs, Dreamfield Comics magazines and comicsClub Strips and CocktailsFurplanet Comics, Novels and Novellas, Jarlidium Press Comics and Fanzines, Radio Comix (recently updated), Ringtail CafeSofawolf Press Novels and Magazines, Tales of the Tai Pan Universe and YARF!


Another busy day here at Rabbit Valley® Comics,

Work projects for the Fox and Bunny advanced, a few even crossed off the list.

It seems that many of the projects are finally winding down.

At the Rabbit Valley store we have added several titles including Club Stripes, Cocktails, Little Buddy, Kami Sutra, and many others.

Now it’s time to rescue a Bunny from work.