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Now that the last of the dishes are done, the houses clean, and all the orders placed to this point picked, packed, and shipped I can take a break.

I’m avoiding the Black Friday commercialism of the season by staying in doors and getting things done around the house. But I understand some people look for deals and specials… We’re running a winter sale through December 31st. We’re offering 15% off all orders of $50.00 or more for in stock items when you place an order at Rabbit Valley® Comics and use the coupon code Winter2012 during the check out process.

We have a selection of titles from many of the creative talents in the furry fandom including 2 the Ranting Gryphon’s Comedy DVDs and CDs, Anthropomorphic Dreams novels, Associated Student Bodies TitlesBernard Doove Chakat TitlesBad Dog BooksBucktown Tiger’s Music CDs, Dreamfield Comics magazines and comicsClub Strips and CocktailsFurplanet Comics, Novels and Novellas, Jarlidium Press Comics and Fanzines, Radio Comix (recently updated), Ringtail CafeSofawolf Press Novels and Magazines, Tales of the Tai Pan Universe and YARF! We also have gift certificates available for that hard to shop for furry.

Earlier today I added some additional artwork to our on-line collection. You can view the new pieces here, in the 2012 folder.

That’s about it for now. Back to work for this fox.

Happy Thanksgiving…

…from our family to yours. May your Holiday Season be filled with cheer and merriment, good friends and family, and hope and joy.

We at Rabbit Valley® Comics have much for which we give thanks. Our sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl, we have some awesome friends who are putting on a killer feast today, and we are happily in love with each other.

There are always bumps in the road and sometimes the downs outnumber the ups, but right here, right now, we are contented.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and Sincere Wishes for this Holiday Season.

As we mentioned before and during Midwest FurFest we’re running a winter sale. We’re offering 15% off all orders of $50.00 or more for in stock items when you place an order at Rabbit Vally Comics and use the coupon code Winter2012 during the check out process. The code will be active between now and January 1, 2013.

We have a selection of titles from many of the creative talents in the furry fandom including:

We also have gift certificates available for that hard to shop for furry.

Gift wrapping is available upon email request with order number for a small fee.

How did you get into the Furry Fandom?

I (the Fox of Rabbit Valley) joined the fandom in the 90s with VCL, YERF, Captain Packrat and WhiteFire’s sites as well as FurryMuch, Tapestries, and other venues through my college. The first furry writing that I read regularly was Tales of the Tai Pan Universe, The American Journal of Anthropomorphics, and Associated Student Bodies.

To this day I still follow Tales of the Tai Pan Universe and am glad to say that we are still selling Associated Student Bodies in both the individual issues as well as the portfolios and hard cover collection with all the extra stuff released during the production run. 

We’ve also been asked to sell some of the original comic artwork pages. Would anyone be interested in owning the art boards for the Associated Student Bodies comics? We recently made a trip to Castle Rund and picked up the creative for Issue 8. Just wondering who out there might be interested in owning it.

Over the years I’ve watched furry writing and artwork morph to where it is today. Many of the awesome writings of the past are still available today including YARF! (Volume 2 goes on press this month), Huzzah, Furtherst North Crew, FURKIND, and North American Fur. On the comic side of the history we have Associated Student BodiesFurrlough, Genusas well as a host of others…

There is a vast quantity of literature in the Furry Fandom, much of it forgotten to the halcyon 80s and 90s. It’s interesting to see that the quality of writing in the fandom continues to be amazing. We’ve come a long way from BBS Messages and Chat Session Logs.

I think today I will curl up with the collected TaiPan Omnibus One and relive some of the old memories.

Feel free to comment on our blog at with how you joined the fandom and some of your favorite writing and comics.

Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics;

We’ve got a table in the dealer’s room at Midwest FurFest if you’re at the convention please drop by and say hello to our amazing techie coyote, Kurst, and his team of faithful table workers. He has a selection of Rabbit Valley Comics and Dragon’s Hoard titles for sale. For those of you not at the convention this weekend, we have a selection of titles from many of the dealers in the dealer’s room including: 2 the Ranting GryphonAnthropomorphic DreamsAssociated Student Bodies TitlesBernard Doove Chakat TitlesBad Dog BooksBucktown TigerDreamfield ComicsClub Strips and CocktailsFurplanetJarlidium PressRadio ComixRingtail CafeSofawolf PressTales of the Tai Pan Universe, and YARF!

The Bunny and Fox are currently heading back to Las Vegas after a weekend of day job tasks in California’s Almond country. We also stopped by the folks at YARF! for lunch and learned that the second collected volume of of YARF! will be out later this year. We’ve got plenty on order for your furry story reading pleasures. Last night our dear friend, and awesome furry comic writer, Lance Rund cooked an awesome steak dinner with all the fixings at his place for us. We enjoyed awesome food, good company, and real life facts from DustyKatt, the Manliest Brony in the World.

Tomorrow we’ll be picking and packing all the overnight orders to ship out Monday Morning.

Top Shipped Items for the Week Ending November 17, 2012

1Xfrmations Unlimited #4$4.00
2Circles Rainbow 2003 T-shirt$25.00 – $30.00
32 the Ranting Gryphon – DVD06 – WitchyChiky Collection$20.00
4Sabrina Online A Decade in Black and White$23.95
5Creampie 01$16.00
6Softpaw Magazine Issue #1$20.00
7Softpaw Magazine Issue #2$20.00
8Softpaw Magazine Issue #4$20.00
9Dragon Boy 2 – Cyrus$8.00 – $11.00

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!