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Happy Thursday,

We’re offering 15% off all order to help celebrate Labor Day Weekend. The fox completely forgot that this was a long weekend and does not have to work on Monday for any of his clients. Seeing as his bunny is working, he feels that he should do something productive. So we’re offing 15% off all orders when you use the coupon code LaborDay-2012 during check out at Rabbit Valley® Comics until September 5th!

Orders will ship out Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday!

Happy Shopping!

Rabbit Valley® Comics Update
We’ve received additional inventory of Rare Breed issues two and three containing artwork by these talented artists:
Rare Breed Issue 2 – $10.00

MartinRare Breed Issue 3 – $10.00

We also received plenty of back stock from our friends at Jarlidium Press including:
ArtZone #6 – Booboobunnygirl</strong>
ArtZone #8 with Diana Vick – $4.00
ArtZone #9 – With Brian Blackberry – $4.00
Attack of the Teenage Sketchbook From Outer Space – $10.00
Art Worth Stealing – $10.00
The Clone Gambit #1 – $4.00
Death on the Omnibus – $18.00
DSV Nautica #1 – $4.00
Dume Issue 1 – $4.00
Endtown Volume One – $12.00
Endtown Volume Two – $12.00
Scavengers #1 – $4.00
Scavengers #2 – $4.00
Scavengers #3 – $4.00
Squeak! Issue 1 – $4.00
Squeak! Issue 2 – $4.00
Squeak! Issue 3 – $4.00
Tales of Springfield Buffalo 1 – $4.00
Tales of Springfield Buffalo 2 – $4.00
Tales of Springfield Buffalo 3 – $4.00
Tales of Springfield Buffalo 4 – $4.00
The Wacintosh Files #1 – $4.00
Xfrmations Unlimited Issue #1 – $4.00
Xfrmations Unlimited Issue #2 – $4.00
Xfrmations Unlimited Issue #3 – $4.00
Xfrmations Unlimited #4 – $4.00
YARF! Volume 1 – $15.00

We’ve received a bunch of back stock from Jarlidium Press.

Xformations 1-4, Squeak 1-3, Scavenvers 1-3, Springfield Buffalo 1-4, and many more all back in stock.



While at Rocky Mountain Fur Con we obtained some copies of Rare Breed #3. They can be purchased here.


Now back to pick ing orders…

Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics,

The Bunny and Fox are out of town this weekend in Ohio visiting some of the roller coaster parks as well as doing some work on the side. It’s a long overdue break from conventions and the day jobs. As it says on our home page we’ll be returning to normal shipping of orders on Tuesday.

This week’s top ten only includes a few days worth of shipping, so the numbers might be a little skewed.

RankTitle & LinkPrice
1Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms$18.00
2QuickDip Issue One$25.00
3Heat Issue #9$14.95
4The Deep Dark$24.95
5The Royal Tail Issue #1$7.50
6Dragon’s Hoard Issue 1$12.99
7Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #1$8.99
8Genus Male Issue #10$5.99
9Genus Male Issue #11$5.99
10Cronn Issue One$7.95

After we get back from Ohio we’re in town again until Gaylaxicon in Minneapolis. We will have some of our agents at Mephit Fur Meet and Eurofurance selling our titles in the dealer’s rooms – be sure to show them some love.

We’ve got a couple of new books coming out later this year, so keep watching for details.