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Note on our email list: It has come to our attention that some mail providers may consider our weekly mails as SPAM. This is not true, as we said in a blog post, it’s an opt-in mailing list. If you wish to be removed, simply follow the instructions at the bottom of every list message.

Now for the good stuff!

Top Ten Shipped Items for March 2012

1Dragon’s Hoard Issue 2$25.00
2Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine$29.95
3Green Fairy$19.95
4Dragon’s Hoard Issue 1$12.99
5Genus Male Issue #11$5.99
6Genus Issue #93$9.95
7Dragon’s Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #1$8.99
8The Prince of Knaves$20.00
10The Royal Tail Issue #1$7.50

While most of these titles are Rabbit Valley titles, we do carry a large selection of books from a host of producers in the furry fandom including those listed below.

Check some of them out, it’s really neat stuff!

Upcoming Travel:

Tuesday the Fox is off to Seattle for a day, then we’re getting ready for Furry Connection North! We hope to see many of you there.

Short and sweet this week.

Rabbit Valley Customer Service


We have an option-in mailing list.

At the bottom of every message we send out to that list is the following footer:

Announce mailing list

To comply with the USA CAN-SPAM act, we’re adding the following information to unsubscribe:

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If that doesn’t work, you can send a message to customerservice at

If that doesn’t work, our phone number is 1-(702) 291-8286 (USA). We’re not open 24 hours, so please feel free to leave a message with your email address. Please speak clearly.

If all of the above fails, drop a postcard or letter to:

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Nobody who received a message from this mailing list should consider it spam. Users who are on the mailing list had to confirm their email address registration in order to join the list.

That said, a user with a address reported our message in its entirety as spam to their provider. Their provider called our hosting company to lodge a complaint.

Do people read complaints? Both hosting companies didn’t read to the bottom of the email! Once it was pointed out to them the complaint was dropped.

The moral of the story – if you don’t want to be on our – or any – mailing list, follow the instructions to get taken off.

I guess it’s easier to hit “report spam” than to follow instructions and remove oneself from something one optioned into receiving.

That’s my rant for today.

The Fox

We took the store off line this morning for about 30 minutes to double the RAM. This should help speed up certain background tasks.

We may reboot the machine once or twice today during the final configuration process, but as of right now we are back up and accepting orders.

Thank you for your patience in our first planned outrage since 2009.

Happy Saturday,

Another week has come and gone and we’ve been able to keep up with the orders! Sadly, orders will not go out today as the Bunny and Fox have plans, but rest assured, we will pack them up tomorrow and get them out the door first thing Monday morning.

Now, for some news!

As you may have read last week we’ve added PawFur 2012 to our convention list! It’s a one day event that will be held in Reno, NV on May 13th at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in the Foyer on the Arcade Level. We hope to see many of our Reno friends there. To that even, we will be hosting a customer reception the night before at the neighboring Holiday Inn Express – time and room number to be announced as well as travel directions.

Our book, The Prince of Knaves continues to receive positive comments. If you picked up a copy, consider writing a review. If you were one of the lucky people to win our contest, please also feel free to identify yourself in a comment and we’ll read it on our podcast.

We’re also very happy with the sales of Red Lantern and Green Fairy, those two titles swept the top ten shipped list and additional stock to fill back orders has been ordered – it should arrive on Monday according to the publisher.

And now for the Top Ten Shipped Items this week!

Top Ten Shipped Items:

1Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine$29.95
2Green Fairy$19.95
3The Prince of Knaves$20.00
4Dragon’s Hoard Issue 2$25.00
5The Royal Tail Issue #1$7.50
6Creampie 01$15.00
7Rare Breed Issue #2$10.00
8Genus Issue #93$9.99
9Dangerous Jade$9.95
10Genus Male Issue #11$5.99

Thank you all for being the best customers and we hope to see you in person at any of the events or conventions we attend each year, see here for a full list.

We also carry a large selection of titles from the below fine publishing houses in the fandom:

Thanks for reading,

The Bunny & The Fox

Happy Friday,

It’s the fox here just testing some of the new features of the store blog. Our Hyperyote has been playing with stuff all week. I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up. But first! Popular Titles This Week!

1Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine$29.95
2Green Fairy$19.95
3The Prince of Knaves$20.00
4Dragon’s Hoard Issue 2$25.00
5The Royal Tail Issue #1$7.50
6Creampie 01$15.00
7Rare Breed Issue #2$10.00

It’s been a busy week for sure! We’ve sold out of some titles, but we have more on the way. If you order Red Lantern, it will ship out on Monday or Tuesday, the inventory is already in transit!

We’ve also got a few of those signed copies of The Prince of Knaves that we are giving away to random people who order it! The people who have received free copies are so very excited. It’s the luck of the draw to see who gets a signed copy for free, so take a chance, you’ve got better odds at a free book then winning the slots in Vegas.

Anyway, time for some lunch! We’ll have a full top ten tomorrow – and you can see the difference a day makes!