Happy Friday,

It’s the fox here just testing some of the new features of the store blog. Our Hyperyote has been playing with stuff all week. I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up. But first! Popular Titles This Week!

1 Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine $29.95
2 Green Fairy $19.95
3 The Prince of Knaves $20.00
4 Dragon’s Hoard Issue 2 $25.00
5 The Royal Tail Issue #1 $7.50
6 Creampie 01 $15.00
7 Rare Breed Issue #2 $10.00

It’s been a busy week for sure! We’ve sold out of some titles, but we have more on the way. If you order Red Lantern, it will ship out on Monday or Tuesday, the inventory is already in transit!

We’ve also got a few of those signed copies of The Prince of Knaves┬áthat we are giving away to random people who order it! The people who have received free copies are so very excited. It’s the luck of the draw to see who gets a signed copy for free, so take a chance, you’ve got better odds at a free book then winning the slots in Vegas.

Anyway, time for some lunch! We’ll have a full top ten tomorrow – and you can see the difference a day makes!

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